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  • I was born and raised in Providence and spent my teen years during the 1980’s being fascinated by the haunting allure of these old buildings. Just after I was married in 2000, my wife and I as newlyweds decided to venture off and explore the buildings. We entered one or two of...
    Jason Simonelli on Sockanosset Boys Training School
  • I taught at Oxford st school 1959-1960 and got off the Eddy St bus and walked past this church each day. I also visited as a member of The Girls Friendly Society as a youngster. Both the school and the church are gone but they were lovely buildings.
    Lillian Johnson on Church of God in Christ Jesus
  • My dad worked for this company as a salesman in NYC selling precious metal wire to the jewelry industry, from the 1950s, when it was called Improved Seamless Wire Co, before it became Improved Laminated Metals. He worked for them into the 1970s. I was just wondering what happe...
    Andrea on Improved Laminated Metals
  • Anybody know if anything remains of the Down Under Duckpin space below LA Fitness? It’s hard to tell, but it looks like they reused at least the exposed foundation walls along the side and back of the property. I’d love to get a peek inside to see what clues remain from the bo...
    Marc Berman on Down Under Duckpin Bowling
  • In 1961 when I was 8 years old I won a horse on the Salty Brine show. I went to the Rhode Island Auditorium to pick up the horse it was on television I met Fury the horse and Jeff salty Brian’s dog. I never received any photos which I’m sad about my family was poor so we didn’...
    Ramona Reis on Rhode Island Auditorium
  • My husband and I had our first date in 1991 and went to the Campus Club to see Rash of Stabbings, followed by a show around the corner at Club Babyhead, and finishing up with breakfast at the Silver Top. The Silver Top quickly became my favorite part of the dates in our early ...
    Sherri Q on Silver Top Diner
  • We were coming to Sears from Seekonk with my mom driving when I was a kid. When you came off 95-south you drove toward North Main but had to turn right a block away. My mom was sitting at the traffic light behind the Sears Auto Center, waiting to take the left to North Main an...
    Thom Ring on Sears Automotive
  • lorne greene came here with his rodeo… and some kids took a weekend to training session on the ice with some RI Reds… and my old girl friend brought me down to the corner sandwich shop at the foot of the hill.
    norman leach on Rhode Island Auditorium

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