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The Newest Updates from 315 total properties

Bonanza Bus TerminalBonanza Bus Terminal

Aug 3 Added an anecdote from Chris Pereira

Built 1963 and torn down for the construction of the RI Convention Center and Westin Hotel, late 1990s. Philemon E. Sturges, architect.

Ocean State SteelOcean State Steel

Aug 3 Added an anecdote from Bethany Erickson Rodrigues and Craig Gaines

Built ??, photos Feb – Mar 2004. Demolished March 2004

Fogarty BuildingFogarty Building

Jun 20 New photos of the demolition, added an extensive RIP essay from Doors Open RI

Built 1968, photos starting May 2005.

175 Broad Street175 Broad Street

Jun 20 Added an anecdote from Nicole

Built ~1962. Corner of Broad and Cahir Streets. Formerly used as a head lodge for the local chapter of the Boy Scouts of America.

Grants MillGrants Mill

Jun 20 Added an anecdote from M S

Built 1923, photos starting March 2003. This shallow building is three stories but only 12 and a half feet deep.

Christ Episcopal ChurchChrist Episcopal Church

Jun 20 Added an anecdote from Roz Gerstein

Built 1888, closed in 1981. Photographs starting Nov 23, 2003. Designed by William R. Walker and Son.

To Kalon ClubTo Kalon Club

May 23 Added an anecdote from Marty C. Marran, Esq.

Built 1867, photos starting March 2010. Private club that is up for sale.

Grove St. SchoolGrove St. School

May 23 Added an anecdote from Al

Built 1901, photos starting June 2003. Part of the National Register, Broadway-Armory Historic District. The building has been under attack by its owners even though it is a protected structure.

The Apex Building, PawtucketThe Apex Building, Pawtucket

May 23 Added an anecdote from Steve Seddon

Built circa 1976, photos starting Dec 2003.

RI AuditoriumRI Auditorium

May 23 Added an anecdote from Alton Nichols

Built 1926, photos from the RI Reds web site, the artist Rittman, and Tucker Terzian.

Chinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants

Apr 11 Added an anecdote from Deborah Cook

Several family owned chinese restaurants want to hear from you about your memories and experiences at their fine establishments.

Loutit / What Cheer Steam LaundryLoutit / What Cheer Steam Laundry

Apr 11 Added an anecdote from Isabella R. Smith

Built app. 1906 and vacant since 1987. The WBNA has plans to redevelop this building, which has been plagued by fire and decay.

Eddy Estate Carriage HouseEddy Estate Carriage House

Apr 11 Added an anecdote from Elizabeth Geaber

Built 1875, photos starting April 2007. Stone, Carpenter and Wilson, architects.

Littlest Building in ProvidenceLittlest Building in Providence

Apr 11 Added an anecdote from Mickey M

Built ??, photos starting April 2004.

Brownell and FieldBrownell and Field

Mar 17 Added an anecdote from John Battick (Ph.D.)

Built 1907 and 1937, currently in some use. Photos starting November 2005. Owned by the Providence Journal Company and in partial use as a nightclub/bar... with an uncertain future

Kendrick-Prentice-Tirocchi HouseKendrick-Prentice-Tirocchi House

Mar 17 Added an anecdote from Kathleen Tucker Pavlakis

Built 1867. A. & L. Tirocchi operated as a dress making shop from 1915 to 1947. Restoration and photos started 2011 for affordable condominiums.