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More Providence real-estate and politics than you can shake a stick at over on Greater City PVD

j hogue :: J had the concept for Art In Ruins late 2001, and upon talking with these other fine people, the idea evolved. The project takes up most of his free time, but so far, he loves it. J is a graphic designer by trade in Providence with a company called Highchair designhaus. He has always had a fascination for mill buildings and decaying structures, and likes to think of himself as a hobby photographer and letterpress printer. He continues to work and add to A.I.R. whenever he has a spare weekend to go out and take some photos.


sarah clover:: Sculptor and art-car enthusiast, you can see her turquoise teat-covered Art Car around town and on Thayer street. When you see it, be sure to yell "Barnacles!" Sarah originally hails from North Carolina, when she photographed decaying structures in high school. Now, she builds homes for gnomes and uses found materials for her art projects.

Other Contributors

robin amer:: Robin Amer is part sound artist, part journalist, part documentary maker and part oral historian. She combines all these elements to create sound rich story pieces that are sometimes broadcast on the radio and sometimes performed before a live audience. Much of her work, including the hour-long radio documentary “Reconstructing Providence,” deals with the complex changes and relationships happening in old industrial cities. She is currently working on a sound based history of 60 Valley St., formerly the Providence Dying, Bleaching, & Calendering mill complex. Contact Robin at

or visit our Sounds page to hear some of her work.

cristina di chiera :: Cristina has had the pleasure of being an interviewee and now contributes some of her photography for our records (Ladd School). Cristina is a all-around cool and well-informed gal who is seen around town at many shows, fundraisers, and parties, as well as working for RISCA.


brian hogue :: on occasion, when he's not busy being a music geek, Brian helps his brother J keep the site up-to-date. In addition to A.I.R., Bri has written for CultureDose, the Agenda and has his own blog, Seedy B.


josh jackson :: write-ups on the Christ Episcopal Church, Providence Fruit and Produce Warehouse, Fox Point Bath House and and more to come.

Photo Contributors

Tucker: Michael “Tucker” Terzian is a large format photographer. With help from Brad from i.o. labs (and the Butcherings fame), Tucker’s 8 x 10" negatives have come to life here. We hope to get more of them, and might even devote a whole gallery to his collection someday.

So far, his photos can be found in the Hartford Avenue projects and the RI Auditorium.

Other photo contributors include: Patrick Leahy, MK, Steve Mattos, Frank Mullin, AJM, Lou Fancy and Teresa Mastrorilli

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