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More Providence real-estate and politics than you can shake a stick at over on Greater City PVD

Here is where we started to track of all the time I spend on this thing... the changes and updates to the site from the end of the year, 2003. The site was launched in Feb 2002, so not all the work is documented here.


7/6 – Added 135 Broadway to Redeveloped
6/29 – Added 53-65 Ashbuston Street to Redeveloped
6/23 – (Re) Added a study of the evolution of the Cove into Waterplace Park in Historical
6/3 – Added Morris Novelty to the Urban Decay section
5/31 – Added Slaterville Mill to the Redeveloped section
5/19 – Added Narragansett Park to the Still In Use section
4/26 – Added 301 Friendship Street to the Still In Use section
4/23 – Added the Rustic Drive-In to the Urban Decay section
4/8 – Added Blue Cross/Blue Shield tower to Construction
3/27 – Added Downtown PVD: Before and After to Historical
3/17 – Added an RSS feed to the homepage for content updates
3/4 – Added Down Under Duckpin to Urban Decay
2/21 – Added the Boy Scout building to Urban Decay
2/18 – Finally made a new homepage design to reflect the new Architecture template.
1/25 – Added photos of the demolition of Loutit Laundry.
1/15 – Updated Links Section to a new template


11/28 – Added Chinese restaurants to Historical. Fixed the email form so AIR doesn’t receive so much spam.
9/27 – Added the Weybossett Mill Dye House to Redeveloped
9/26 – Added the Enchanted Forest to Decay
8/14 – Added Seekonk River Bridge to Decay
7/16 – Added the National Casket Company to Decay


12/28 – Added the Central Fire Station to the Historical Section
12/23 – Added 19 Fremont Street to the Construction section
11/14 – Added the Liberty Elm Diner to Redeveloped
11/11 – Added Talk of the Town to the RIP section
10/19 – Added Regal Plating to Still In Use
10/14 – Added Imperial Place to Still In Use
7/29 – Added a garage on Vinton Street that is being made into commercial space
7/18 – Added the new Miriam Hospital building to construction
7/9 – Added 1029 Westminster Street to the Construction section
6/21 – Added Lawton Storage to the Redeveloped section
6/13 – Added the RI Mall to the Decay section
6/08 – Added Union Wadding to the Decay section
5/20 – Added the Decatur Lounge to RIP, Anderson Little and Ethan Allen to Urban Decay
5/15 – Added the former Rialto Theatre to Urban Decay
5/4 – Added 340 Broadway to the redeveloped section
4/24 – Added Eddy Estate Carraige House to the Still In Use section
4/16 – Added Slater Cotton to the decay section
3/25 – Added Pontiac Mills to the R.I.P. section
2/9 – Added Sears Automotive to the R.I.P. section


12/19 – Added Possner Castle to the Historical section
12/18 – Added RI Auditorium to the Historical section
11/19 – Added the Lincoln Mall to Still in Use and added the Providence Cyclodome to the Historical section
10/5 – Uploaded the new design for the Construction section for public comment
9/29 – Added a Tshirt to the Merch section
8/26 – Added Firehouse 13 to the redeveloped section
8/24 – Added 372 West Fountain Street to the Still in Use section
8/1 – Added the Rolo Building to the Decay section
7/25 – Added 383 West Fountain street to the RIP section
7/3 – Added Fort Adams to the decay section
6/23 – Added the Grant to the redeveloped section
5/23 – Added the Second Universalist Church to the RIP section after a devastating fire on the 22nd.
5/15 – Added the WBNA project house to the construction section
5/2 – Added Jones Warehouse to the Still In Use page
4/30 – Added One Ten Westminster to the construction page
4/12 – Added Pearl Street Lofts to the redeveloped section
4/6 – Added L Vaughn Company / 1153 Westminster Street to the redeveloped section and added MN Cartier and Sons / 1107 Westminster to the decay section
3/27 – Added 755 Westminster Street to the redeveloped section
3/19 – Added American Locomotive to the redeveloped section
3/16 – Added Lincoln Park to the decay section
2/24 – Added the Milk Can to the decay section
1/31 – Added the Modern Diner to the still in use section
1/22 – Added Two Thomas Street to the construction section
1/17 – Moved Ocean House from Decay to RIP
1/16 – Added Calender Mills to the redeveloped section and Brownell & Field / Standardized Wholesale Liquors to the decay section
1/9 – Moved Christ Episcopal from Decay to RIP


12/27 – Added Washington Street to Still in Use, after rumors surfaced that it might be taken down for a poorly designed hotel
12/22 – Added a comparitive view of Capital Center to the Streetscapes section
11/25 – Added Dryden Lane, the former Allen Printworks, to the Still In Use section
11/19 – Added demolition photos of First Federal Bank (moved to RIP) and the former Traveller's Aid on Union Street, and added Gorham Manufacturing to historical
11/06 – Added Union Station to Still in Use
11/02 – Posted an interview with Elizabeth Keithline
10/24 – Added the Teste Block to Still in Use, added a Google map to a page on our Decay properties as a try out... final home undetermined.
10/11 – Added Chestnuts to Still in Use
10/09 – Added Rialto furniture to RIP
9/24 – Added Brown Hillel's Froebel House and the Summerfield building to the redeveloped section
9/20 – Added Two Ton Inc. to the redeveloped section
9/4 – Added Merchants Cold Storage to the RIP section
8/30 – Added Fairhaven Mills to the Still in Use section
8/22 – Added One Charles Street to the still in use section and added more photos to Citizens Bank/Trinity
8/18 – Added an interview with May Yao
8/17 – Added new photos of Hope Webbing to redeveloped
8/15 – Added friggin Jefferson Place to new construction
7/31 – Added the Hive Archive gasometer building to the redeveloped section
7/26 – Added Steeple Street to the still in use section
7/24 – Added the Steelyard to the redeveloped section
7/23 – Added the Monohasset Mills to the redeveloped section
7/6 – Added 395 Promenade / HP Hood and Company to Decay and the Cove to Historical
7/5 – Added Parcel 6 to the Construction section
7/4 – Added the Ropeworks to Redeveloped and Parcel 6 to the new construction pages
6/30 – Added Two Ton to the redeveloped section
6/21 – Added Splinters to the Redeveloped section… did a bunch of other little much needed updates. Moved the Trolley Barn to RIP.
5/21 – Added photos of ongoing construction to GTECH. Added the proposed Westin Tower to the New Construction section. Added some photos of the Foundry from the top of the mall parking garage. Added the Mowry Nicholson House to the Redeveloped section
5/15 – Added Parcel 2 to the list of sites under construction
5/13 – Got to the 27th floor of the Industrial Trust “Superman” building. This is more for my own personal reference
5/08 – Added a photo from 1903 to the historical section
5/03 – Added the Phenix Mill, or what is left of it, to the RIP section
5/01 – Added the Watson Institute and some new photos of the interior of Conley Wharf
4/26 – Added Engle Tire & Providence Auto Ignition to Decay
4/25 – Added the Dreyfus Hotel to the Redevelopment section, added new photos of the demolition of Laminated Metal, and moved it into the RIP section. Added the Coro building to Still In Use
4/18 – Updated the Rau Fastner page with new photos from 4/14
4/10 – Added the Fletcher building to the redeveloped section
4/3 – Brought the old interviews back and added them to the new site. Also added 891 North Main Street to the Still In Use section
3/21 – Added the American Screw Company, a Ghost Landmark, to the historical section
3/18 – Added more postcards to the historical section and the Hospital Trust building to the redeveloped section
3/2 – Added Hospital and Bassett Street to the Still In Use section
2/13 – Uploaded AIR 3.0... the new design for 2005


12/12 – Added Thayer Street to Streetscapes
12/08 – Added JG Goffs to Rest In Peace
12/06 – Added the former little Dunkin Donuts building...
11/27 –Added First Federal Bank (Buck a Book), Providence National Bank, and the George Arnold building
11/08 – Added Peoples Savings Bank to the list of redeveloped properties
10/22 – Added the Hope Webbing Company to the Still in Use section and Bayley Street to the decay section
10/16 – Added AAA Surgical to the RIP section. Added more photos to Royal Mills
10/12 – Added the Dunlop Tire building, added photos from a recent open house at Rising Sun
10/01 – Added the Providence Armory (Cranston Street) to the Decay section
9/23 – Added a selection of photos from the State Archives to the History section, added ITEM to the New Construction category
8/15 – Added photos from the fire two weeks ago at the Hope Boiler room.
7/12 – Added more demolition photos to Thurston Saw, added a historical photo to Brown and Sharpe. Separated out the arts related links and created a new page for them on the Community section, also started the gallery page.
6/28 – Added Peerless and Alice to Redeveloped. Updated the Lerner building information and added a new photo. Added three new links to the Arts Community
6/26 – Added HABS/HAER to Communities - Beyond. Added an aerial photo of Silver Springs Bleaching and Dyeing. Updated Blue Ribbon beef with more photos from HABS/HAER
6/23 – Added some links to the Beyond page, and added Postcards from the Past to the Historical section
6/21 – Added Greenville Fin to Still in Use
6/14 – Added Eagle Square protest photos by Steve Mattos. Updated Parkin Yarn with recent photos. Added pretty photos of Downtown to the Streetscapes section. Added a new link in the "Other" category.
6/13 – Updated Thurston Saw with more photos of the demolition.
6/12 – Designed an online version of the Transformation Art Show in the Communities section.
6/2 – Added the Palmer Block to the Redeveloped page
5/31 – Added Blue Ribbon Beef to Historical
5/14 – Added 60 Valley Street to Redeveloped. Made a new Community Links page just for the Arts Resource related links.
5/11 – Added an interview with Julie Manso and Carl Dunn to the Interviews/Artists section
5/2 – Added the Lerner building to Redevelop and added the New Parking Garage complex to Construction.
4/30 – Added more photos to the Foundry, added an editorial about the new casino plans, reorganized the Stories section and added an index menu, added a review of the Unbuilt Providence show at Brown, and added photos of the demolition of Thurston Saw.
4/17 – Added the former Police Station to Decay, Bootleggers to Decay, East Ave Auto to Still in Use, and the Mason Building downtown to Redeveloped. Updated the Masonic Temple with a five new photos and updated the Gulf station in RIP with new photos of the parking lot now sitting on the site.
4/12 – Updated Rocky Point with photos from 1954, updated Loutit Laundry with a photo from 1959, added the Ocean House to Still in Use, added Jennifer Uhrhane to Art about Architecture.
4/9 – Added Gtech and RI Credit Union to the New Construction page, added photos to the interview with jason Thompson, added 1088 Main Street to the Redeveloped page, added a new photo to JH Electric, and added a new photo to Empty Retail.
4/7 – Added our first Book Review, a review of The Comics Journal article, Fort Thunder Forever
3/31 – Added Ocean State Steel to R.I.P.
3/24 – Added 1080 Main Street to "Still in Use" and added a new interview with Herb Weiss from Pawtucket
3/10 – Added a new interview with Rag and Bone Bindery
2/28 – Added "Streetscapes" to the Architecture section with our first street, Westminster St Downcity
2/23 – Moved the Jamestown bridge from Decay to RIP. Added 354 Pine Street and added New England Paper Tube to the Decay section
2/18 – Added the Chace Center to the New Construction page
2/13 – Added Crescent Park to the Historical section
2/12 – Added "Community" section, added the Louis Fink building, and updated links in the Action groups, Events, and Other links pages
2/9 – Updated East Side Auto with a few new photos
2/2 – Added the "Providence Sound" section to "Stories" with a feature on the Olneyville evictions
1/30 – Added Apex Department Store to Still In Use
1/21 – Sockanossett Training School info updated
1/16 – Added the old Jamestown Bridge to the Decay section
1/13 – Added "Construction" section under "Architecture". First construction story is about the new Brown Biomedical center on Meeting Street.
1/13 – Updated the Hope building with new info that it is actually just the boiler room for the larger Hope Webbing complex.
1/06 – RI Citizens for the Arts added to Action Groups
1/05 – Rental Listings added to the Architecture and Community section
1/05 – "Downtown" section removed from Stories section
1/04 – East Side Train Tunnel added to Redeveloped section


12/31 – Sponsors added below the navigation bar
12/31 – Christ Episcopal Church added to the Decay section
12/22 – Ladd School added to RIP section
12/01 – switched entire site over to PHP platform

nothing logged previously. Site first launched in Feb 2001.

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