1029 Westminster Street


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Two bedroom condos have been built at this location for S.W.A.P., a non-profit community development corporation. The units are priced at $169,000 if you qualify. There are four residential units, and one or two commercial/retail units on the ground floor. The units seem well apportioned for the average homeowner, with a security system and nice enough cabinets. No gratitous use of granite and stainless steel here, thank you.


The design is ok... it was termed as “West End Funky” at some point, which leaves itsellf for wide interpretation. If you keep in mind that this was intended to be for low-income residents, and therefore very cost effective construction, then they did a great job with limited resources. Also, if you consider the crappy vinyl sided modular homes that get passed off for less-than-wealthy residents and do nothing but fatten the pocket of the developer of them, then they did a really good job of taking some risks and making a not-typical type of building for people who deserve more than the very typical low-income development.

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