139 Point Street


I believe it was built or rehabilitated in early 2000. I remember driving by a few times when they were working on it, but I dont remember if it was all new construction, or a rehab of an existing structure. I tried to contact ITEM for more info, but didn’t get very far.

Its a great structure, with very simple materials used in a historically mill/manufacturing dominated area. The central span of windows is a great, open conference room. Plywood clads one side, while corrugated steel or aluminum clads the other. Bright blue cinder block pokes out around the back.

ITEM is a product development company; in other words, they do industrial design. They recently sold the building and moved to another industrial space in Cranston. No word yet as to who moved in.

M3TI I think the building is going to be used by LifeSpan, starting in the next few months. They were meant to be moving in earlier, but recently let the movie “27 Dresses” film a few scenes inside the building.

Margaux My friend Josh, who goes to RISD CE classes with me, told me our building was on this site. I work here, and yes, the building was built from an existing structure. Where the atrium is is where the loading dock used to be. It’s a great space to work in, but we did just sell it – moving to a larger building in Cranston, near Lowe’s. Check that out soon for another great re-hab of an existing industrial building!

P Babbidge This building was formerly Gallimaufry Good Food, a catering business.

BBascule Nice installation of Bamboo in front of the windows. It took a hit after the tough winter of ‘04 but has bounced back nicely. The plywood part of the facade isn’t aging very well, though.

D Rizzolo ;It was built on top of and expanded a lunch/catering place called Gallamophries (spelling is all wrong).

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