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The two buildings it demolished: First Federal Bank and Providence National Bank.

Right now the photos are of the hole, and the soon-to-be-changed-forever skyline. While this tower is being built, Providence is asking itself how big it wants to be, or how big can it be, before it loses all the charm of a small city.


A joint venture of Providence and Boston developers plans to build a $90-million, luxury condominium tower on Westminster Street in the city’s business center. The 32-story tower would be the first skyscraper built in the Financial District in 20 years, since the Fleet Center opened across Westminster Street from the project site. And it would help usher in what appears to be a new era for the Financial District as a sector devoted to residential and retail uses as well as offices.

The project straddles the tapered end of a city block, behind the Turks Head Building, stretching from Westminster to Weybosset Street. It features a ground-floor grocery store and cafe on the Weybosset Street side, and the second through seventh floors would be parking levels, providing about 170 spaces.

Featuring a glassy, modern design, the tower would be connected to the nation’s oldest indoor shopping center, the Arcade (which dates to 1828), providing a new stream of customers for the lightly patronized commercial building.

O’Marah is a partner in BlueChip Properties, which describes itself as an investor and developer of medium- to large-scale, mixed-use urban developments. It has investments in residential, retail and hotel projects. The Granoffs own Granoff Associates, a Providence holding company that owns and manages real-estate and operating businesses. They own 700,000 to 750,000 square feet of commercial and industrial property, including the Turks Head Building, the Arcade, the Union Trust Building on Dorrance Street, where the Federal Reserve banquet hall is located, and the Heritage Building, an office building at 321 South Main St.

Lloyd Granoff, of Providence, is chairman of the Providence Public Buildings Authority. Evan Granoff, of Bristol, is chairman of the Downtown Providence District Management Authority. The authority is a new public agency that will oversee a special safety patrol and cleaning crew in Downcity and parts of the Financial and Jewelry districts.

Steve Feb 29 2012 Currently the lot is now paved with tar, looks to be a parking lot now, but it hasn’t opened up yet.

Damilo Feb 5 2009 why is every building in providence being built with glass? this changes the whole look of the city and it will be impossible to last as long as the original skyline.

Corey Dec 30 2008 Plans for this project were officially revived in December of 2008. The W Hotels website lists a W Hotel coming to Providence in 2010. Previously, no confirmation of plans for a hotel here had ever officially been made by W. An email to them by Bret Ancowitz of Greater City: Providence was returned with an expected opening date of September 1st, 2010, on the 110 Westminster Street site.

mike Mar 12, 2008 I’d gladly spend tax dollars to see this building go 40 stories high as proposed :(

Sid Scrapped as of today, 26 October. Twenty-two stories is what’s being proposed now. So much for the future of Prov. Without Buddy at the helm, this ship’s a sinkin’.

Micharjuna The info hasn’t been updated in a while, so I think I shall do so. In 2006, just before they were about to break ground, they halted the project in order to rethink it. They went from “all condo” to “condo and retail”, then “condo, retail, and hotel”, and finally “condo, retail, hotel, and office”. The latest update (now this is hearsay, but from a reliable source) is that it is going to be 18 stories, rather than 40, and it will just be a hotel. (and a W Hotel at that!) Too bad, I was looking forward to another skyscraper.

Jim I think it’s to be 40 floors, not 32, and will be the tallest building in RI.

...but will it ever get built? A truly beautiful building that will compliment the financial district. What’s taking so long?

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