Two Thomas Street


Now a few luxury condos developed by the Armory Revival Company, previously it was a 1950s grey brick and glass building in disrepair. I dont remember what the building used to be, who used it, but I do remember there being Disney character stickers on some of the windows when my parents took me to downtown Providence as a kid. It was a sort of ugly, non-descript building, but we dont really like the pseudo-old with a touch of modern architecture. The turret is a bit over the top. The way they integrated the older, Greek revival house behind the new construction is admirable, though.

Before it was Two Thomas, according to the anecdotes from locals who remember, it was a law office for Lovett and Lovett. There were Mickey Mouse figures in the window, which I remember, and apparently the story goes that someone once told Mr Lovett that he would never be more than a Mickey Mouse firm, meaning small potatoes (which is wierd because Mickey is recognized all over the world). So he decorated the office with Mickey's as an act of defiance and humor. Well, his sons still have asense of humor, because Lovett and Lovett on Braodway still has a neon Mickey in the window.

Mike P Raul Lovett also had a little red sports car – an MG, I think – that could usually be seen parked curbside on the Thomas Street side of the building. License plate was MMOUSE.

Susanna Prull that Mickey Mouse was a landmark for me as a child and I was sad to see it go. I just referenced it the other day.

Craig Yup. It used to house the law office of Lovett, Sherffring, Gallogly and Harnett. And yes, Mr. Lovett, now deceased (who resembled a member of ZZ Top), was once told that the firm would be nothing more than a Mickey Mouse Operation – later becoming a very large firm – the large Mickey Mouse that once hung in the window was representative of the firm’s success. I believe the office was also adorned with Mickey paraphernalia. I wonder what happened to the Mickey??

Kirk Snow I believe it was the Lovitt brothers offices (i think that was there last name)… The oldest brother (now deceased) hosted a local roundtable show on channel 10(?). He was balding and had a white beard, quite the character from what i remember...

mary kate I was always told that the building served as the offices for a local attorney who at one time was told: “you’ll never be more than a Mickey Mouse operation”, hence the oversized Mickey in the windows!

Tracey I believe it was a lawyers office – some big local personal injury firm I think.

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