AIR Decay :: Earl P. Mason Carraige House
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Photos 10-13 by Robert Easton
Earl P. Mason Carriage House


Update: In 2009, work began on restoring the structure, starting with the roof. Work seemed to continue in fits and starts up until 2012, when an outdoor patio was added. The renovated property is owned by Frank Scotti and was for sale along with the home at 296 Benefit Street. The address for this property has been listed as 150 South Main Street, instead of the 296 Benefit Street (rear) previously used. We were not able to find out whether or not the property is still for sale or has been sold. PPS held a reception in the carriage house as lat as Sept 2013, so presumably, it is still available.

Update: As of 2007, the property looks about the same, and no word as to whether or not an agreement with a new owner has been reached.

It is small, but could make a very nice live/work space. The basement is dirt, and there was no running water or heat to the building when I took my photos. The second floor/attic space features an interesting star truss that is holding up the floor/1st floor ceiling to make a space unbroken by columns, presumably, to easily fit a carriage and its accoutrements. There are a few nice round windows on the second floor as well.

Previously: The carriage house is a brick and brownstone structure built in the mid-nineteenth century. RISD acquired the building when they purchased the 296 Benefit Street apartment building and parking lot. RISD put out a request for proposals to alumni, staff, and faculty for offers to rehabilitate and develop the property with a very low yearly lease. This process was completed in 2004. AIR does not yet know who the new proposed owner is to be, or what they would like to do with the building.

John S Feb 8 2012 Much more construction going on in early 2012 (Jan/Feb). A foundation is being laid just to the left of this photo (leading to the garage door). I’ll try and snap some photos soon.

John S Jun 16 2009 In June 2009 there is some work going on with this building. New roof was going on 6/15 and some structural work being done as well.

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