Engle Tire & Providence Ignition


The buildings have been razed in late 2012 for an extension of the neighboring Textron school. UCAP (Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program) is constructing a new annex. The new facility is expected to cost $4.6 million, funded entirely by private and corporate donations. The new building will have a science lab, art studio, meeting space, and a gym. UCAP is the only public school focused on helping middle school students catch up to their peers in public school after they’ve been held back at least one grade. The building will fit the lot (no surface parking) with new street trees.


First we heard Walgreens was interested, but they wanted the Textron School’s property next door as well, but they won’t sell. We then heard Dunkin Donuts was interested, because they haven’t quite saturated the area yet, and they wanted to put in a drive-through and tear down the whole block, but the corner is too busy and neighboring residents protested. The Dunk proposal got defeated in June 2005. We don’t know what the future holds.

It would be a great spot for a Trader Joe’s or something like that, as all these new condos downtown and close by will need places to get groceries. They could use the existing building and it could be really cool.

Andy Jul 16 2012 Anything would be better than what exists there now and am excited that UCAP is taking a lead. But the notion that an urban core has plenty of coffee shops is plenty absurd. There is only ONE on Broadway. Cafes, bars, markets, etc. these third-locations (non-home, non-work) are what make neighborhoods, main streets and urban living accessible. Providence is not suburbia! It is a city! Like it or not! No drive-thrus! Yes to dense, transit oriented development.

worker X Jul 11 2011 I think you got more problems than any body knows i worked there about 14 years 3rd lift from office was the alinement rack the oil tank way under ground leaked alot and for years we dumped 5 gal. buckets of oil at least 2 times a day 6 days aweek were talking thousands of gallons hydraulic oil seping into the ground under that building i think if somone did some real testing you would find you got a real problem

millhouse Here is your problem– between not allowing a drive through, and calling it historic, the development of the building is hampered. There is no reason this building needs to be preserved, there is nothing special about it. It has not been taken care of, and when in good nick it is still an ugly building. Every thing about it screams demolition, from the badly designed and placed docking platform off of Carpenter st to the roof and guts of the building which must have to be replaced any way. This property is gonzo though, even with the recession and bad market for real estate, this building is right between the Hill and Down Town and right off the high way. If they ever got some pull in the city of Providence to rezone or allow the destruction of the building, it would be a nice piece of land.

Jodie  I’m always up for more coffee places (not the dunk), but it doesn’t seem practical. Trader Joe’s would make me soooo happy. something needs to be done, though. it looks like time just stopped in that place and everyone vaporized.

Roger W.  A pharmacy would be nice here. As it stands, the nearest CVS is in Olneyville, and DePasquale’s on Broadway closed down in July. No more cafes or bars, though – we’re all set with those on Broadway.

Andy  A Trader Joes, a mom & pop pharmacy (no Walgreens) and a hip little cafe/rest/bar/gallery space in the section with the car bays would be killer for that area. Why raze all for a one-use space when the existing could be used for numerous offerings?

brian rosa  I walk by this place every day, and found it funny that all of the computers in Engle Tire are still turned on. I was always curious what happened with this place, it seemed to close very hastily.

cotuit  Walgreens would actually be nice in this area. If the rumors that the 3rd Power Block condo tower is going next to Dominica Manor are true, a ground level Walgreens there would be nice. It would be good for the residents of Dominca Manor too (Atwells Ave).

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