Ethan Allen


Sears Automotive (RIP)
Sears department store
Anderson Little (RIP)
1320 North Main Street (RIP)
Down Under Duckpin Bowling Alley


UPDATE: In early 2013 and late 2012 demolition of this building had commenced. In seemingly no time, the building was prepped and then leveled.

Miriam Hospital is the owner of the property and has entered into a land swap with a private developer. Miriam will retain parking behind the Sears store up the street, and gain parking behind the Gold’s Gym location not far away. In exchange, development rights on the site of the Sears store and the Ethan Allen building seem to be part of the deal (Some details here, though Ethan Allen is not mentioned specifically). The City does not know yet what will be built on those parcels. It is our expectation that demolition will begin on the Sears location very soon.

PREVIOUSLY: Another storefront that hasn’t seen customers for many years. There is a faint outline of the type across the facade right above the entrance that says Ethan Allen. A fairly recent company, this spot was probably host to another store before it became Ethan Allen, but my memory, and public records, don’t seem to go back that far. Any info would be great from those of you who might remember.

Guy Primo Jul 17 2015 pilgrim house was another name my step farther Richard M. DeRosa work in this store for many years untill he was killed in a car crash in april 1978 he drove a Red 1976 ford Thunderbird im trying to remember if a George Massey also work with him if any one knew him drop me an email riboatboy [at] yahoo [dot] com

Linda Jan 16 2013 As to when the Ethan Allen Furniture Store closed, it was sometime around 1990 - 1991. I needed a new sofa & since my children were still very young, I didn’t want to spend a great deal. But since even the best behaved kids can be tough on things, I also wanted something of quality that would be durable so I decided to take advantage of the going out of business sale. I did find a floor model sofa which, several changes of upholstery later, is still in use.

John Jan 2 2013 Might be time to move this to RIP. I believe demolition was ongoing last week. UPDATE JAN 3: I passed by this morning and it’s a pile of rubble. Didn’t miss the signal at that intersection so I could not grab a photo. Perhaps on the way home.

Bill Oct 7 2011 This used to be the Outlet Tire Center in the 60s across the street RI Arena.

Pete Dec 17 2010 Does anybody have any updates on this building? I live off North Main and would love to see the street come back.

Roland I believe the name of the store was Carriage House and they sold the Pennsylvania brand. I would say this was around 1975. I know that they had the best of furniture and the prices to match.

Scott I just recently inquired about purchasing the Ethan Allen building to put a neighborhood-friendly business in (a for-sale sign is posted on it presently by Hayes & Sherry) and was told that it was under contract. No word as to who the buyer might be. Let’s hope someone good. My understanding is that the Sears and Anderson-Little buildings are owned by Miriam Hospital. Apparently they have no plans for developing or selling them.

Cesar Mark, if Brown Univ. owns all of those sites, does that mean that the City is not even receiving any tax revenue? (Colleges/Universities do not pay property tax. Our understanding would be that yes, there is no property tax gained if a university owns these properties).

Mark When I checked with the tax assesor (winter 2005), the owner of the Ethan Allen Building (1120 N. Main) and Sears Automotive (1140 N. Main) along with the three vacant lots alongside (1146, 1152 & 1156 N. Main) is Brown University, which purchased all of the properties in 1997.

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