Postcards from the Past II


  1. Cranston Street Armory
  2. City Hall, circa 1900
  3. Crawford Street bridge, 1907
  4. Entrance to the East Side railroad tunnel, 1910
  5. Gorham Silver, 1907
  6. Gorham manufacturing, 1912
  7. Manville’s central park (near Lincoln)
  8. The Normal School, a teaching school, precursor to RIC, 1905
  9. Overview of Providence, early 1990s
  10. St Paul Cathedral
  11. Union Station 1897
  12. Union Station 1907
  13. Union Station 1920
  14. Union Station 1921
  15. The waterfront, 1911, looking towards the not yet built Hurricane Barrier

Thanks to Erik Gould for adding to the collection. These are some great examples of early Providence architecture, and it is sort of amazing that someone made a postcard of the Hurricane Barrier.

paula campos Mar 16 2012 I’ve gone through the east side tunnel for years now to go to the doctors and I never knew it was once for trains. (Ed: I believe you have the bus tunnel confused with the East Side Railroad Tunnel)

Ed Iannuccilli May 13 2009 The Cranston Street Armory was the place where the Classical High School track team practiced for the winter season in the 1950’s. In fact, it was the site of many a state track meet.

Pat Feb 23 2008 Picture #9 shows an overhead view of the upper Providence River. In the lower left hand corner you can see the framing of the renovated Manchester Street Power Plant which was completed in 1995. Therefore this picture was probably taken in the early 1990s, not 1970 as indentified in the discription. Great Site! Thanks

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