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101 North Main Street


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101 North Main Street, once a complex of retail and office space known as the Pilgrim Mills Building, became a series of condos with ground-floor retail/retaurant space in 2000-2001. The Armory Revival Company headed the project, and led the way during the condo-boom of the early aughts with the city’s first $400k condos. A new four-story addition was added to accomodate an elevator and common space for the residences. The ground-floor restaurant space is now occupied by Mill’s Tavern.


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Rick O. Jan 15 2015 A Francesca lived there around that time. She had a room on the corner of the building facing the camera. I was going to RISD between 1972 and 76.

Thomas Svaland Dec 30 2010 Could this place be where Fransesca Woodman (Wikipedia entry) was either living or (and) had her studio? See here: When I Google “Pilgrim Mills, Providence”: “The Mills Tavern is an upscale seasonal restaurant nestled in the culinary rich North Main Street area of Providence, Rhode Island. The restaurant is located in the old Pilgrim Mills Building and still has a lot of the charm, and beauty of an era long ago.” When I Google “Francesca Woodman Pilgrim Mills” I noticed The page wouldn’t let me copy & paste, but read the chapter “Summer of 1976”. It says she lived in the industrial building of Pilgrim Mills, where she took numerous photos, while attending an Academy of Fine Arts in Providence (the Rhode Island School of Design). I get the impression there weren’t many buildings named Pilgrim Mills in Providence, Rhode Island back in 1976.

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