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The newly cleaned and repointed brick and stone exterior houses 38 loft-style residential units above a first-floor bookstore, cafe, and a custom clothing store. Each loft apartment features generous windows, high ceilings, and an open floor plan, between 750 and 2,000 square feet. Some of the seventh floor units feature a mezzanine level. Rents range in price from $975 to $2,250 per month, depending on the unit size and location within the building.


The Alice Building is a seven-story classical revival structure built in 1898 by rubber baron Joseph Banigan and named for his daughter. In its heyday during the turn of the century it was part of a large department store and used also as offices.

Curtis Constant Aug 11 2009 I am also a student at Johnson & Wales University (JWU), but I have lived in the Alice Building for the past two years with a roommate. he renovations in there are beautiful as long as you are someone who likes lofts and open floor plans. Not the best place to have a roommate for more than a year with; unless it is your significant other. The walls are so big in there anyone who thinks about moving in there should highly consider in investing in a projector to watch TV on. There is a lot of wall space. My apartment was on the third floor lover looking Westminster Street (301) and it was an amazing spot for a college kid. Would you believe that if you have a roommate there the rent is less than or equal to the JWU dorms?! Students pay around $1,100 a month for the time that they are in school. It isn’t like you have to be rich to live there. I had some great times in the Alice Building and I feel like it is the best building out of all of the ones that the Westminster Lofts own.

Sean Banigan Joseph Banigan was my great-great-great grandfather. His work impresses me so much. I now go to Johnson and Wales in Providence and as i sit to eat lunch in our cafe, the Alice building is in view. I am so amazed with the work that he did, I dream of someday becommin as greatly appreciated as he was. I would also like to someday live in the Alice building.

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