Dreyfus Hotel


The AS220 web site: www.as220.org/dreyfus/


Size: Studios will range from 356 – 516 sf with most exceeding 400 sf.
Each studio will have its own kitchen and bathroom. A common laundry is planned. Rents are expected to include utilities, except for gas and electricity.

Monthly Rent: Rents are expected to range from $410 – $585.
11 of the live studios are targeted for artists with an annual income of under $25,600. The other three of the live studios will not have an income restriction, and these monthly rents are projected to range from $800 – 850.
Two units are handicap accessible.

AS220 to expand into the old Dreyfus

A mixed use redevelopment will create 26 affordable studios for artists; 16 residential and 10 work.

Floor one, with the historic wood panelled restaurant, will be kept as an eatery (owner to be determined). An entrance on the Mathewson Street side will be the new lobby for the live units and a possible retail space.

Floor two will be ten studio work only units ranging in size from 200 to 350 sq feet. Average projected rent will be $270, including utilities.

Floor three and four will be 16 rental aprtments designed for single occupancy. Most will be efficiency units, with 4 one bedroom style units. Each unit will have its own kitchen and bath.

10 of the units will be targeted to individuals earning 50% of area median income or less – 4 units will not have income restrictions, and are expected to rent around $750 per month.


The Dreyfus was built as a small hotel, primarily used by traveling salesmen, in the late 1890s. In 1917, the hotel went under enlargement and renovations, taking on its current size. The Hotel, along with its signature Dreyfus Restaurant, was a popular spot among locals as well as guests, many of whom were patrons of the city’s bustling theatre district.

In 1975 Johnson & Wales acquired the Dreyfus and converted it to a drom space, housing between 40 – 50 students. The building was vacated by J&W in 2000.

Renni Oct 24 2014 My Great Uncle was the owner of they Dreyfus Hotel around 1950. A Greek immigrant, Tom Trulis.

Bronagh O’Kane May 14 2013 I am tracing my family tree and I believe my father's cousin was a waiter at Dreyfus hotel in 1918. He was called Charles Patrick O'Kane

Amanda Dec 30 2012 Lived here in 1993 in college at JWU. Good times :)

Mary Nov 12 2011 My grandfather and grandmother met in the Dreyfus Hotel. She was a waitress and he was a traveling salesman from Chicago. They were married in 1919, so my grandmother was probably a waitress there in 1917, 1918, and maybe some time before that.

Josh The Interior design firm I work at (Judd Brown Designs) designed the interior of Local 121. Most of the mill-work and detailing is original to the space. You have to go and check out the corner booths.

Jef Nickerson Local 121 is awesome. By far my new favorite spot Downcity.

Shirley Hanley I do think at one time in the 1950s the Dreyfus had a cocktail lounge that was for women only. I do not think it would be possible in today’s world.

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