AT Wall Co. formerly G.E., formerly Bulova Watch Co.


This building was redeveloped from a large office for General Electric to smaller offices for a mortgage company and others. The windows were replaced, new air conditioning units added, and the structure on the left was gutted and a new floor added for American Mortgage (?).

An interesting building, at first ugly, and then beautiful. Low slabs of concrete, hugging the ground, long and rounded. You can almost see the look of awe on a college grad in the seventies as he drove in for his first day of work. You can also picture the distain that same worker might have had for the building in the eighties. I really wish I knew the story of the building and why it was left behind.

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Kyle Baker Oct 3 2015 My father, Lloyd A Baker, designed this building for Bulova in the early seventies. My father was a graduate of RISD school of architecture and was a devotee of the Frank Lloyd Wright style of Modern American Architecture. My father was extremely proud of this design because he was given the freedom to design a building that would be an architectural statement as well as a utilitarian headquarters for what was at the time a progressive and thriving company. The Bauhaus Movement in Architecture from which this design is an offshoot is no longer as Chic as it once was. It breaks my heart to have someone describe this building as ugly. I grew up in a redwood house that my father designed which was very much in the Frank Lloyd Wright tradition. Not many people “get” the genre from which this building was created, but it will always be a source of pride to my family.

John Duggan Jul 29 2011 The building is in a flood zone and was damaged during the flood of 2010. Not sure if GE moved out of there before this, but the zoning is a liability and the new owners may have improved the surrounding land to prevent future floods.

todd m carden well, my father worked in this building as a GE executive from 1973 until GE left – i worked in this building as a janitorial supervisor while in high school 1981 or so... it was a cool looking building inside and out – good to see cars in the parking lot again.

Liam Lunchtray I was surprised to see the entire left hand wing of this building gutted last week. I drive by every day and hadnt noticed too much going on then all of a sudden its just the 4 walls with no ceiling or interior. Im hoping this means they keep the crazy 60s look tha the place has.

Mark McKenna This building was built as the Bulova Watch Co. GE moved here in the late 70s/80s from the warehouse complex on Park Ave that now holds State Rug Co.

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