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The new hotel was incorporated into two 19th century buildings, the Lederer Building at 139 Mathewson, and the former Bell Hall dormitory of Johnson & Wales University, at 317-319 Westminster, which form an L around Grace Park. An attached building that went up in the 1990s and embraces Grace Park at the corner of Mathewson and Westminster was also used. The owner/developer is Stanley Weiss, and the architects are the Newport Collaborative Architects.

All the supporters said the hotel would be a catalyst that would hasten the redevelopment of Downcity and the arts and entertainment district. So far, one can argue, it has indeed been one of the factors.

The city thought/still thinks it needs more hotel rooms to attract convention business, and Hotel Providence’s 77 rooms address some of that need. The hotel has 14 extended-stay suites, and it features 6,000 square feet of meeting space, including a 2,200-square-foot ballroom, and a fitness center. Original paintings hang in each guest room, which have what architect Jay Litman call “European-style bathrooms” with marble stall showers and pedestal sinks.


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We only found this so far... In photo 26 from 1975, there is a Florsheim Shoes where Grace Park is now. You can see the Lederer building behind it.

Bill Vallante Nov 22 2010 I was born and in Providence and grew up there in the 50s and 60s. I could be wrong, but as I recall, what is today a beauty of a hotel (the Hotel Providence), was, in those days, a flea bag hotel called “The Kent Hotel.” If so, whoever built and designed this place did one hell of a job! Kudos.

dennis sullivan Jun 16 2009 i was born in providence in 1954 lived an worked here my whole life. i have seen downtown providence at its worst and now i have the chance to see it at its best. i am also proud to say that i am the chief engineer of the hotel providence. the best hotel in providence.

Jeanne A (Edgerley) McGirr July 30 2008 My Mother and Aunt (Marietta Crosby and Helen Edgerley) had a small resturaunt in the Lederer Building called the Cake Box in the late 30s early 40s. Spent a lot of time there. There was a hairdresser across the hall.

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