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West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA)


Non-profit owned and restored. An old gas station – what a great idea for an office. Great space for a great bunch of folks, the WBNA has community tools for rent/use, and supports many programs in the Broadway Neighborhood. Visit their website,


Designed by Walter Dorwin Teague (1883-1960). He was one of several versatile industrial design consultants in the United States, designing cameras for Eastman Kodak, glassware for Steuben and gas stations for Texaco, among other things. The station was rehabbed in 1998.

Marc Berman Mar 13 2010 What’s goin’ on with the sign lettering anyway? Was the person who installed them cross-eyed? I can’t imagine how they would be attached to the building in such a way as to allow that much movement? Oh well.

Chris I used to drive by this building when I lived in Cranston. A great example of an old-style Texaco gas station. I’m happy that it has survived, and is being put to good use.

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