354 Pine Street

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A fire all but gutted the two-story complex Wednesday, March 28th 2007. It was ready to be converted into comercial space for rent, and we have heard that the insurance had lapsed. So, we are unsure if this building will be repaired or razed.

Previously, it looked like this complex has been out of use for a few years. One of the doors mentions “Standardized Uniform Service” and another alludes to “Perry Blackburn, Inc.” & “Pee Bee Industries”. This complex was called the “Lily Pads”, and for a time they were planned to be developed into live/work condominiums.

This complex, along with New England Paper Tube, is part of the Conant Street Industrial Park. There are many complexes of buildings around this area, and it is very industrial in nature, and it is a little out of the ways from Downtown Pawtucket, so it is unlikely that it will develop into a mixed residential and retail neighborhood.


Building type: Two-story brick with minimum pitch roof and overhang. 6 over 6 double-hung windows in segmental arched opening with granite stone sills.

Originally the Easton and Burnham Machine Company. (Source: Pawtucket Mill Building survey, prepared by the Preservation Society of Pawtucket, 1990)

robin Jan 8 2010 I worked at both Standard Uniform and Perry Blackburne when I was in my early 20s. I can recall the miserable heat and smell of the cleaning machines at the uniform company. I was in charge of replacing buttons and steam pressing the uniforms before the orders were filled. If the temperature inside the building went above 96 degrees they had to let us go home. Many eyes watched the thermostat in the Summertime! Perry Blackburne was a keychain company. We glued and packaged keychains in blister packs for the local retail stores. I still have some of the keychains til this day!

Kurt R Bryson Mar 6, 2008 My Parents Russell & Elaine Bryson Ran Our Metal Finishing Company Currier Industrials on The Conant St Side for a few Years in The early 1980s. At That time The building was owned By The Percelay Family. Abe Percelay Ran his used Machinery Business Associated Machine, Who I later worked for as a Teenager in Summer and Afterschool when he moved to Dunnell Lane. Brian Sheppard Ran His New England Paint Manufacturing on the opposite end of the Building. I have fond memories of those times When People had a much better sense of Community. They all helped each other and looked out for each other. I can only hope those values will return to our society sometime in the Future. Rest in Peace Russell Bryson, Elaine Bryson, Abe Percelay.

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