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Current Events

In December 2009, fencing went up and the excavator arrived on the scene. Anderson Little, long neglected and basically rotting away, started to come down. An inside source told me that the demo permit was filed with the City, but that no plans have been submitted yet to replace the building. The nearby former bank at 1320 North Main is also slated for demolition.


This former department store has been vacant for as long as I can remember, which only goes back as far as 1999. Located on North Main Street right next to 1340 N Main, the old Down Under Duckpin Bowling Alley and adjoined with the former Sears department store. I don’t know much about the insides of the space or about any future plans for the land. The recent demolition of the former Sears Automotive, though, says to me that the street is about to undergo a rebirth. Into what, is the question.

Pankaj Aug 25 2018 In 1986 my ward-robe consisted of 14 suits - every single one from Anderson Little bought from the Anderson-Little Store in the Neshaminy Mall in Bensalem, PA. The fabric was so plush, rich, attractive, people used to ask me where I bought those from !!!! They had an in-shop tailor that would shorten the sleeves, lower the collar and the fit became a million-dollar fit !!! Scott, I know you sell under the brands directly to Strathmore and the like, but I am hoping you sell those beautiful suits directly to the public - you will be surprised at the following you have garnered !!!!

Becky Aug 2 2013 The Anderson-Little building has been demolished but it owned by Miriam Hospital. See here.

Pablo Dec 12 2009 Does anyone know if anything is to be built on this property following the demolition?

Dan Jan 11 2009 This end of town was a happening place when I started at RISD in 1967. North Main Street had Sears, Anderson Little, Kelly’s Hamburgers (I worked there for a while), and RI Auditorium. These places did very well in the 1950s and 1960s. Back then, Anderson Litle did a lot of TV advertising. I remember them well. They were a very well known, quality brand.

Scott Anderson Aug 22 2008 Anderson-Little is back. Our website is now open for business and we have started selling our Classic Blue Blazer which I am proud to say in Made in America. This building may be in decay, but Anderson-Little is coming back like a phoenix.

Roland L. June 28 2008 As a man, I hated to go shopping for clothes but there was always something different about that Anderson-Little touch. I felt like an important customer and the salesman would spent at least 20 minutes or more picking out a shirt and tie to go with my new suit. I recall seeing the two tailors at works taking great care sizing, chalking, pinning and sewing a customized suit. ALL my suits came from Anderson-Little and I wore them until the late 80’s.

Scott Anderson April 24 2008 Feel free to visit us at or email me at scott.anderson [at] I’d love to hear your memories of Anderson-Little

Scott Anderson Jan 23 2008 Hi, this is Scott Anderson and I am bringing Anderson-Little back to life. After many years of struggle, I finally was able to get the courts to give me my name back. I hope to have the company up and running by the fall of this year. It’s nice to hear that you have fond memories of our clothing. My father and I hope that you and your children will have many more fine memories to come. All the best.

Mike Blake Anderson-Little was a men’s clothing store. If you look at the sign on the side, it looks like, by the space, it used to say “Anderson Little Men’s Clothing” but someone tore down the word “Men’s”. I got the suit I wore in my high school senior glass picture there.

Mike F The Anderson-Little chain closed in 1987. It has been vacant since ‘87-‘88... Too bad, I got my HS graduation suit from there in ‘85.

Joe C. I used to live on 7th St. Right up the street and around the corner from this place, and my mom would drive by it everyday, since I was going to school at St. Mary’s at the time, and we moved there in 1990 when I was 5, and it was empty then. The place has been empty for about 16 years.

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