the Decatur Lounge
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Amongst much speculation and boo-hooing, the Decatur closed it’s doors on March 28th, 2007. After a little more than five years in business, the Decatur won a spot in the heart of many a person looking for a comfortable place to hang their hat, get a beer, play some pool and maybe pet one of the many bar dogs that would hang out with their owners. It was a comfortable place... not a sports bar, but the games were on... not a townie bar, but many were locals... not a punk bar, but it had a hipster vibe at times... the Decatur was all things to a lot of people. Owner Joanne Sedon became known as the “mother of the west side” and was a fervent supporter of local bands, local kickball, and local brew (The Decatur sold the most Narragansett beer in the state with its $2 Tuesdays, and was one of the first bars to get Narragansett Porter on tap).

Rather than get into the possibly sordid details of why the Decatur closed, I am choosing to focus on the great memories a lot of us have. I will be moderating these anecdotes, so don’t bother sending me incendiary words.

Steve Seddon Jun 10 2013 Joann is my cousin. I live in Chicago but grew up in Providence. When my wife and I got married on Block Island, we took the last ferry back to the mainland and headed to the Decatur. A highlight was the jukebox. I was sitting at the bar once and suddenly my band Example: None’s song ”Providence Cold“ came on by itself.

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