Harris Lumber Co.


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reason for demolition

We don’t know much about this structure. Seems safe enough to say that it was part of a component of the former Harris Lumber Company that dealt with shipping/receiving by rail. Part warehouse and part covered loading area. It’s been the only thing left of a parcel that once stretched along the railroad tracks to Atwells Avenue (where the 7-11 is now). This odd-shaped piece of land is a hard one to develop, but local architect/developer Peter Case of TruthBox thinks he can build an idea that will be the first of its kind for RI – an office complex built from recycled shipping containers called the Box Office.


Harris Lumber was in operation at this location for more than 100 years (hence Harris Ave?). In 1997 the company left for North Kingstown and was renamed JT’s Lumber.

Andrea Boucher Brown Mar 31 2013 My Uncle Rene Boucher worked there as a barber. He passed many years ago. I always thought that he may have had a pedophilic side to him, secondary to his behaviors with his daughters and nieces, me one of them. In no way am I indicting him after all of these years. I am going to counseling after the loss of my husband and all of this stuff has come up. Trying to share it with family is not comfortable and no one thinks it is true. I pray that it is not. I was just a little kid and I have repressed all of those bad memories. No one beleives the trauma or pain inflicted on me. If you have any history of my Uncle Rene, kindly share. Thank you so much…

Chris Aug 20 2011 WTF? Lumber yards are one of the joys of life. Plus, this one allowed me to get a replacement bumper (AKA a 4x6) walking distance from my place on Federal Hill. Got some looks walking around with an 8' 4x6 but hey!

sandy (ucci) rebello Nov 14 2011 I used to live next door to harris lumber on 65 Valley st. I have such good memories there... going to the white tower, grand central market sitting outside on the stoops lol.

Roland Aug 6 2009 I remember oh so well the lumber cars that would line up against the docks. I’ve no idea why this place went out of business as they were the premier lumber supplier to the area. I wish I could print the picture in my mind regarding the lumber railcars.

mike Jul 27 2009 This was an artist/vendor/performance space called “Fort Thunder” up until probably around 1998-1999. Watch Your Head or Honest Bob’s Smoke Shop actually got it’s start in this building.

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