32 Branch Avenue


Most recently, the Groden Center, a specialty learning center, was a tenant of this building. Now, and for the past few years, the property is on the market as leasable. It shares a loading dock in the back with the adjoining property, 36 Branch, which is currently in use as a office furniture store.

The second floor seems to be home to a regional office of the Bond Brothers construction company.


None yet... The adjoining building, 36 Branch Ave (yellow brick) was built around the 1930s. We assume this building is earlier, but we are not sure how much earlier.

The construction is very nice, and typical of brick buildings of the time. A two-story facade with offset main entrance and pillars, an interesting non-symmetrical layout. The windows go from the ceiling to the floor, with thin concrete lintels. Simple concrete and brick details adorn the roofline.

Allison Jun 15 2016 This now home to Nikki’s liquors

Chris Suchmann Mar 19 2012 The Groden Network moved their core offices from 32 Branch Ave. to the former /arch/?id=stillinuse&pr=dyervilleDyerville Mill in 2004. We turned the sign around until the building was rented. VNA occupied the building before us.

Anusha The Groden Center sign was recently backwards for a while... strange. Now there is no sign.

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