Regal Plating former Women’s City Missionary Society Laundry

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Regal Plating is coming down...

Greater City Providence’s page on Regal Plating.

As far as we know, this building was not under ICDB protection. The owner applied for all the necessary permits and were granted them. Brown isn’t behind this occurrence directly; at least not yet. The owner’s – G+K Realty Co, 85 South Street – are land-banking the property until the Knowledge District moves forward more. Then who knows. Maybe it is the owner’s intent to sell it to Brown at a premium once the land is cleaned up and remediated. Unfortunately, the same story applies here – there’ll be a parking until that happens. We've heard there are some serious ground and underground contamination issues still to be dealt with. Not surprising, as the plating process is very toxic, and the Regal Plating company had been doing it for at least 50 years.


I love, love, love the gothic font on that sign for Regal Plating. Very nice example of 1950’s technical lettering.

The building and business are still in use, plating metal products. ThomasNet lists the year that the company was founded as 1948, and their occupation as “Plating Of Costume Jewelry”. A Google search turned up a few records of Hazardous Waste Management violations – one in 2000, and one in 2006.

With the price of real estate in the Jewelry District, and the competition in this industry from overseas, we wonder how long it will be before this property is up for grabs.

UPDATE: This property is up for grabs. The web is a funny thing… the realtor saw this page and sent me the PDF of info for it. Price starts at $3.2 million. Click here for the PDF.


I couldn’t find any info in the ProvPlan/PPS site, and the property isn’t listed in the RIHPHC Industrial Buildings Survey of 1981… so I don’t have any history on it. If you know of some, or where I can get some, please send me a note below.

david guleserian Feb 3 2016 my father, john guleserian, founded regal plating co in 1946, upstairs was atlantic lures, another company he started, and downstairs was yet another company he owned, vacuum plating co. he owned it until 1973 when he sold it to john grosse.

ABD Jan 26 2008 I don’t understand why it’s being marketed for student housing. It must be some know-nothing real estate firm that thinks that’s the way to make a quick buck.

Bob Eggleton My late Dad, as I recall did some business with the people here – I think, a long time ago, around the late 80’s or early 90’s. Plated machine parts if memory serves me. I walked by it a zillion times on my own foot errands in the 80’s/90’s and obnoxious smells, and loud noises were always coming from the various ventilators and open windows exiting the building. It has finally become yet another memory of an old business – of so many now gone from that area – that itself became obsolete and what’s left is done overseas. It’s sort of in that weird Bermuda Triangle of streets that are near the 195 entrance that reflected until very recently one of the last manufacturing areas left in the city.

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