Louis Fink garage


I remember when the building had a “For Sale” sign on it, and the realtor wouldn’t return my call. It is located behind the Foxy Lady, and down a side street, so it is hard to get to and surrounded by scrap yards. It can best vbe seen from 146 South as you round the corner and merge with 95 South. It is a great little building though, currently being used as another scrap and car parts dealer. The painted sign on the side of the building is fairly new, maybe 20 years old.


From ProvPlan.org and PPS and RIHPHC
A small, three-story, flat-roof, brick industrial building easily visible from I-95 & 146. The four-by-five-bay structure is embellished with brick corbelling at the parapet on the façade. Pedestrian entrances set within segmental-arch openings are located on the south elevation. Fenestration is comprised of segmental-arch openings with 4/4 sash windows with concrete sills. A sign reading: “Louis Fink & Co. Dealers in Scrap Metal” is painted on the building’s north elevation. Oversized entrances for shipping and receiving of goods are located on the second and third floors of the façade. The building’s north elevation is devoid of window or door openings. A small paved parking area is located to the south.

The building was constructed between 1908 and 1919 when it appears on the Sanborn map of that year as a three-story, masonry “Junk” shop. At the time of its construction the property was owned by the Kotler family, who retained ownership until 1954 when the property was acquired by Louis Fink. It subsequently housed Louis Fink and Company, a scrap metal dealership. According to an existing RIHPHC data sheet for the property, the building stood vacant in the late 1970s. After changing hands again, it was sold in 1999 to C&S Realty LLC.

Bonnie Carter Sep 2 2015 Currently for sale!

Bruce Jul 7 2014 Louis Fink was my grandfather's cousin. He did well in the scrap metal business, & visited his relatives here in Philadelphia about once a year. I have a picture of him & his wife with my grandparents during 1 of these visits.

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