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Beyond RI:

Sanjhih :: Documentation of some crazy-great pod or flying-saucer-like structures.

Online Museums

American Textile History Museum :: The American Textile History Museum tells America’s story through the art, history, and science of our textiles.

DocoMomo :: A group that raises awareness of the importance of the Modern Movement architectural and landscape design legacy in the United States and to be a resource for historical, technical and advocacy issues related to the Modern Movement

Historic American Buildings Survey / Historic American Engineering Record :: Buildings in the Database from Providence :: A n integral component of the federal government's commitment to historic preservation. The program documents important architectural, engineering and industrial sites throughout the United States and its territories. A complete set of HABS/HAER documentation, consisting of measured drawings, large-format photographs, and written history, plays a key role in accomplishing the mission of creating an archive of American architecture and engineering and in better understanding what historic resources tell us about America’s diverse ethnic and cultural heritage. Throughout the history of the program, HABS/HAER has played a leading role in “preservation through documentation” and is recognized as the nation's oldest federal preservation program.


Greens for Impact :: An organization of principled, pragmatic Green Party members and progressive populists dedicated to furthering the growth of the Green Party as an independent alternative to the corporate-dominated parties.

Just Seeds :: A collective of printmakers selling their wares. A great idea. Based in the mid-west.

Mobile Performance Group :: A collective of new media artists interested in finding new ways to present art outside of traditional venues. MPG disseminates their work by using automobiles, video projection, cell phones, FM transmission, wireless hotspots, and any other technologies that allow artist to engage the public.

Nothing Lasts Forever Magazine :: An interesting and ongoing Flash exploration of the notions of decay, time, and permanence.

Quonset Huts :: A Yahoo discussion group for owners of or those interested in building their own Quonset Hut. Photos and plans of Huts throughout the country.

Recentpast :: Promoting preservation education and advocacy to encourage an understanding of our modern built environment.

Roadside Fans :: A grassroots site for those of us with a soft spot for any roadside attraction, including diners and Howard Johnson’s.

Society for Commercial Archeology :: Always had a soft spot for roadside attractions? SCA is the oldest national organization devoted to the commercial-built environment: diners, highways, gas stations, drive-in theaters, bus stations, tourist courts, neon signs, and a lot more.

Urban Exploration

Abandoned but not Forgotten :: A portal website for other urban exploration sites throughout the country.

Abandoned Stations :: A site with photos of abandoned subway and train stations in New York City and New Jersey, complete with maps of how they ties into the system. :: A globetrotter website of amazing ruins... plane and ship graveyards, the ruins of Chernobyl, abandoned places in Russia, and all sorts of anomalies.

Chernobyl Ghost Town; A Biker Chick’s story :: A tour through Chernobyl on the back of a motorcycle, 20 years after the evacuation of the once bustling city. I later learned that this site is a hoax, in that it was put up by someone who found the photos. It might not even be Chernobyl... but hey, for our purposes, they are very interesting photos of a ghosttown somewhere.

Dead Malls :: A great site with a lot of info and some pictures. It’s like we met our evil twins that like malls instead of mills. They are close when you spell them out. Look at some with photos – they are so sad and vacant, depressing.

Japanese Ruins (Haikyo) :: :: :: :: :: A fan emailed us these links. Hard to follow unless your computer can display Japanese text and fonts, and unless you can read Japanese, but the photos are great. Ruins transcend all borders.

Modern Ruins :: Art and photography by Philip Beuhler. Nice site, a little hard to navigate, but some great stuff if you dig deep enough.

National Register of Historic Places :: List of Historic Places in RI :: The National Register is the official list of cultural resources worthy of preservation, part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect our historic and archeological resources. Properties listed in the Register include districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and culture. The National Register is administered by the National Park Service, which is part of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Opacity :: An urban exploration site with location features from all over New England and Maryland and a great exploration of the Staten Island Ferry graveyard.

Risky Buildings :: ArtInRuins for the UK. This site is stripped down and easy to navigate, with a short list of buildings that need saving. A public interest campaign with some great detail about their buildings.