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Is there a link we should add to our list? Do you know something that other people might benefit from? Remember, this is your community, and it can only be made better by sharing information. Please submit your links to us, and thank you.


Abandoned Places :: Great photos of places in Europe. I’m not sure what is going on with the “impossible projects”, but the photography is really, really amazing.

American Memory – Library of Congress digital collection :: Need we say more? A searchable database of historic images.

Brown University Architecture class :: Not sure how long this will be up, but this class gathered a bunch of good info and pictures of structures throughout the city. Please let me know if this link no longer works.

Eastern State Penitentiary :: Designed by the same architect who built the prison where the mall now stands. Philidelphia made this prison a national historic site.

Fabulous Ruins of Detroit :: In many ways, the precursor to ArtInRuins, set in Detroit, Michigan. Many, many fabulous ruins located here.

Forgotten Providence :: Found this recently... a pictoral of lots of abandoned homes. Much sadder than our Decay section, and more poignant when so many homes are vacated by foreclosure.

F*@k Yeah Brutalism :: A tumblr blog dedicated to Brutalist Architecture. :: A resource for those of us with a hankering for some great architecture and more in depth info.

Historic American Buildings Survey :: Preservation through documentation

Search for LEED Certified buildings by State :: LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is currently the only reputable system for designating and “proving” a green building. Though not perfect, it is some sort of a standard. Even though it is only voluntary, companies are using it to win big PR points, and we guess that whatever makes someone try to build smarter is fine by us.

National Building Museum :: The major Washington DC museum for the built environment. Pay them a visit, or click for their online exhibits at

Newport Mansions :: 11 famous historic properties, located on 80 acres of gardens and parks, spanning 250 years of American history.

Rhode Island Armories :: A web compendium of ornate armories throughout the state

St Croix Architecture :: A large archive of architectural drawings for sale... this is the link to the Providence buildings.

the 1938 :: Flickr set of urban photos in the area and graffitti projects involving street signs.


Art-School-Directory :: A one stop resource for all your art school needs.

Love Thy Job :: Servicing artists in New England, this website is a revolutionary company based out of Providence that assists all artists living and working in New England. They try to promote artists and the arts by providing a place for people to come and look at individual pages of descriptions and examples all in one place, as well as providing news and events that involve the arts.

Noney :: Noney is a new currency. Each Noney note is a hand drawn, hand printed and hand signed piece of art. Each note can also be traded for things. Like all money, Noney is for people to circulate. The result is a combination of public art, performance art and printmaking. Throughout 2003, Noney is entering worldwide circulation. The first wave of notes appeared through a series of release events in Providence, Rhode Island. These occured in May at AS220, Atlas Bower Books and the West Broadway Neighborhood Association.

Other Peoples Bikes :: Almost what it sounds like.


Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores:: Slow, simmering dirges and lonesome yodeling ballads. Country music for those who generally dislike country, but like tales of loneliness and neglect.

Barn Burning :: Silvery americana with real feeling and soul. Great live shows.

Blackstone Valley Sinners :: Country trio from Pawtucket.

Chinese Stars :: Sort of a low-fi noisy Hot Hot Heat. Good stuff. Ex members of Arab on Radar.

Drop Dead :: RI thrash metal/punk. Songs range from 20 seconds to a minute and a half. These guys have been around forever.

Lightning Bolt :: Another spawn of the Thunder, LB is drum and bass taken to a whole new level.

Mahi Mahi :: Neo-post-80s-robot rock. fun and easy to dance to.

Sage Francis / Strange Famous Records :: Hometown rapper got his start in the local poetry slams, had shows at AS220 and the Living Room, and now runs his own respectable label.

Stringbuilder :: Regular, 4/4 time country music got you down? Try these guys... “country math rock”. Fun.

Local Blogs :: New transplant chronicles her new life in Providence – what she loves and what she hates, what interests her and what treasures she uncovers.

Bill Herron :: Insight into Rhode Island happenings and urban development.

Connect Providence :: In real life, Connect PVD is a travelling meet’n greet opportunity... a chance for professionals to meet other professionals, hopefully, doing great things. On the web, Connect PVD is an events blog with information for people new to the city/state.

F*&k Yeah Rhode Island :: I think the name says it all. A blog chronicling all thsat makes Rhode Island kick ass.

Providence Daily Dose :: It’s the Dose... a daily mix of events, gossip, and reviews.

RI :: An insider’s guide to politics and culture in Rhode Island. A blog by Green party representative David Segal.

RI Policy Reporter :: A blog by Tom Sgouros that is more than a blog, its a discussion of facts and perceptions and those who would twist the facts to their benefits. And its about RI.

SeedProvidence :: A local resource for where to start in Providence. Just getting started now, but already has a lot of local resources and links of value.

Urban Planet :: A huge discussion forum about urban topics, with plenty to read about local projects. They usually know things way before we do.

Visit Rhode Island :: A nice resource put together by the State Tourism Board. The design is pleasant and the local info and event calendars are great.

Bulletin Boards

Fort Thunder Yahoo Group :: the infamous message board started by people over at Fort Thunder and still going strong. If you have a Yahoo account you can join the discussions of local polictics, music, art, and whatever.

LotsOfNoise :: more than just an event calendar, more than a blog, more than a bulletin board... but still, all of the above.


Card Carrying Liberal :: One local cranky woman’s response to the state of our nation, with a line of anti-Bush Christmas and New Year’s cards. Half of our profits will be donated to progressive political causes. Send a card. Consider making your own creative protest. And don’t forget to vote.

Duck Tours :: Ever been on a Boston amphibious tour? Well, Providence has their own Duck Tour. Daily and weekend jaunts into and out of the river.

Local Arts Communities

AS220 :: If you don’t know about AS220, then you should, and soon. Get on down to their cafe, where any night of the week you can get open mic, music, theater, dance, and art show, whatever. Also, community darkrooms for photography and a great community print shop for silkscreening. Cheap studio space (when it is available) and community walls for art shows.

Dirt Palace :: A feminist art collective in Providence, RI founded in 2000 in an abandoned library building at 12-14 Olneyville Square. Each member has a studio, as well as shared printmaking facilities, film/animation studio, computer office, textile studio, band rehearsal space & a grand ballroom. As a co-operative, they support each others’ creative work, the community and the environment through collective, affordable, low-impact living.

Hive Archive :: A non-profit, women-run arts organization with a community space, a feminist library and resource center, affordable community art studios and a gallery/performance space.

Providence Art Club :: Said to be the oldest art club in the nation after the Samagundi Club in New York, its Thomas Street home houses several galleries.

Not About the Buildings :: Started as a protest to the closing of some of the Providence Library branches (its not about the buildings and the cost of keeping them open, it is about the programs that we as a community might lose if the libraries were to close) this rag-tag organization is now a literary-advocacy group, holding reading events and short fiction prize competitions as well as an annual Spelling Bee for adults.

Urbanize :: Not sure what they are up to, but a good site and some great photos.

Local Food

NY System Hot Wieners :: Wanna see what the fuss is about hot wieners? Do they really use their whole arm? Well, take a look here for more info and where to get one.


CTPunx :: You guessed it, a site dedicated to Conneticut punk rock.

DistrictEleven :: Hard edged site about local music scenes, mainly Mass, CT and RI. Reviews, mp3’s and a calendar. :: The most comphrehensive calendar of shows in Providence and eastern Mass, and a great archive of local music and reviews.

NewEnglandRock :: Complete listing of reviews and events in the NE area.

ProvidenceAttacks! :: Great site for general info on local acts, local labels, and places to find out show schedules. Maintained by the intrepid Ben Barnett of Armageddon Shop.

TonyandPals :: Great site with everything, covers the whole New England scene and many local bands. Reviews, news, gossip and classified pages.

Record labels

Corleone Records :: Local label with great local bands like Alec K Redfearn, Mahi Mahi, and Barnacled.

Load Records :: A great label that’s been around for awhile, with such bands as Arab on Radar and Lightning Bolt.

Tor Johnson Records :: Local hard/thrash/noise/rock-a-billy label. So, basically, local music.

Online Magazines :: The Paper Rodeo has an insane website... take a look at their comics and wonder, what planet do they orbit? :: Online source of commentary, essays, local history, fun facts, and silly stories about the Ocean State.


ProvPlan Online Historic Aerial Photo mapper :: Exactly what it sounds like. A great resource tied into a Google-maps-like Interface for exploring aerial photos of the city from 1939 through today.