List: Provisions Warehouse Historic District

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The Provisions Warehouse Historic District is comprised of 11 masonry buildings on Kinsley and Harris Avenues and Terminal Way constructed between 1894 and 1947. Most of the buildings are associated with the local food storage, processing, and distribution industries. Located adjacent to the tracks of the New York, New Haven, & Hartford Railroad, the District was established with the construction of the Merchants’ Cold Storage Co. Warehouse . During the first half of the twentieth century, other cold storage and dry storage warehouses were added to the area immediately surrounding. Among them were the Providence Fruit and Produce Building (1929), M.T. Marcello Freezing and Storage Warehouse Co. (1947), Armour & Company (l943), Brownell & Field Co. (1907), and several other provisions companies. All of the major warehouses were connected via a spur line to the railroad. To facilitate the movement of goods within the warehouse district, a series of underground tunnels was constructed between Merchant’s and neighboring distributors who depended on the warehouse for their cold storage. Survey number: HABS RI-408