Neighborhood: Downtown Providence

8 properties

  • A simple building located next to the former Sportsman’s Inn (now the Dean Hotel) that was razed for a never-built hotel.

    #UsedToBeThere | Built: 1915 | Demolition: 2008 | Decade: 1910-1919

  • A small mercantile-style building razed for a never-built Sierra Suites Hotel in 2008. This building housed a few well-loved storefronts — New Japan, Cuban Revolution, and the Talk of the Town bar.

    #UsedToBeThere | Demolition: 2008 |

  • Originally located along N. Main & Canal Sts., across from Roger Williams Park, Providence, the last meat-packing plant survived until the 1980s

    #UsedToBeThere,#ArchiveRI | Built: Unknown | Demolition: 1984 |

  • A wonderful meeting of Brutalist and roadside architecture in a striking circular floor plan that fit the location at the apex of Broadway and Atwells Avenue quite well.

    #UsedToBeThere | Built: 1968 | Demolition: 2003 | Decade: 1960-1969

  • A non-descript downtown commercial building probably faced with enamel and steel details in the 1950s. Razed in 2005 for a condomuium tower that was never built.

    #UsedToBeThere | Built: 1930s, 1950s | Demolition: 2005 | Decade: 1930-1939

  • A conglomeration of possibly six 1-3 story structures bounded by Westminster, Union, and Weybosset Streets razed in 2005 for a proposed parking garage.

    #UsedToBeThere | Demolition: 2005 | Decade: 1890-1899

  • A neo-Georgian building that was home to the original home to the Providence National Bank Company. Razed for a proposed hotel that was never built.

    #UsedToBeThere | Built: 1929, 1950s | Demolition: 2005 | Decade: 1920-1929

  • This 60 year-old Art Deco structure was vacated in 2000 for new digs across the highway. It say vacant for 6 years until a proposed condo structure took it down.

    #UsedToBeThere | Built: 1940s | Demolition: 2007 | Decade: 1940-1949