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Become a Banner Sponsor gets traffic from individuals who are interested in architecture, its history, and restoration. Visitors view an average of 30 pages each time they visit. We get emails from people looking to move to Providence who are looking for studio and living space, as well as people interested in the city as a whole. We also get inquiries from homeowners looking to do restoration, or artists looking for galleries and specialty shops to sell their goods.

ArtInRuins was started as a pet project, and continues to be updated and maintained by volunteers. We'd like to continue that tradition, but we would also like to have the site start to pay for itself. We have internet hosting costs and domain registration costs that occur monthly, as well as hard costs like film and digital cameras. Our time is donated, but we would like to start to offer some sort of compensation to those who most need it, and the founders at A.I.R. have cooked up some other projects that would require some funding to start up.

So why would you or your business want to be an A.I.R. sponsor?
Exposure for a great price.

For only $15 a month, you or your business can become a “Sponsored Link” and appear at the bottom of each page on the site. A text link will go directly to your site to introduce a community of artists, preservationists, and interested community members to what you do. A.I.R. will limit the number of links per month to three, limiting competition for our visitor’s exposure.

A.I.R. has been an active part of Providence for 8 years now, and has worked hard to preserve a bit of Providence's past and future, free and accessible to visitors. Help keep this archive going, and align your business with the ideals of our organization.

Terms: A text link and short business description will be placed at the bottom of the page for the period of one month (minimum 28 days). If no month is specified, the link will be entered for the next month available. If no business description is provided, A.I.R. will write one based on basic information already present on your website.

Payments: Credit card payments may be made through PayPal (free to use, follow the links to pay without creating an account as an option), or checks may be made payable to “Highchair designhaus”.

Months: Please specify a month if you so desire, and pick a back up month in case your first choice is full.

Tax-deductions: A.I.R. is not a 501C3 non-profit, but as a business advertising expense, your contribution can be written off for the tax season your sponsored link ad appears.

Month of Sponsorship

A.I.R. reserves the right to refuse businesses that it does not want to expose to its community. We reserve the right to use our discretion in this matter. Adult-oriented sites need not apply.