Links: The ArtInRuins To Do List

Help out by tackling an item on our To Do list

ArtInRuins can only grow with more help from people like you. Take a look at some of the items on our radar, and try to help us out where you can. It’d be great if you could.

To Do List:

Complete Projects (history and photos, or one or the other)

  1. Add info and photos for the Moses Brown Headmasters House (Google Maps Street View) which was torn down for a new building
  2. Add info and photos about the Bomes & Castle Theaters
  3. Add the General Ambrose Burnside House
  4. Add the Cathedral of St. John and Diocesan Properties
  5. Add the former RIDOT Headquarters and Garage, Promenade District (from PPS’s Ten Most List)
  6. Add the What Cheer Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (United Way) Building
  7. Add info and take photos of the entire 560 Mineral Spring Ave complex, including ones across the street behind and including Lorraine Fabric
  8. Convert the About section to the new layout format
  9. Convert the Streetscapes section to the new layout format
  10. Convert the Other Lists page to the new layout format
  11. Build a searchable database of all the properties with longitudes and latitudes (see data erntry below)

Data Entry

AIR would like to become database-driven. To do that, the relevant contents of our pages need to be entered into a spreadsheet, which will then be turned into a database. We have started a Google Doc that will do just that. Contact us to learn more about how to help.

Just Photos

  1. Find more photos of RISDs Farnum Hall. Students, please send in photos if you have some.
  2. Take new photos of the Terminal Buildings on Allens Avenue
  3. Take new photos of the Burgess O’Gorman building, Westminster Street
  4. Take photos of the new Central High School, Providence Technical School
  5. Take new photos of the complete RISD Chace Student Center
  6. Take new photos of Calender Mills, 52 Valley Street

Thanks for Helping!

  1. Paul Shelasky: Took photos of the former Rolo building, Pine St, now JWU Student Services Center and the BCBS Headquarters.

Send images to the following email: highchairdesignhaus [at] gmail [dot] com. We’ll prepare them and add a photo credit to them for you. If you’d like to prepare them, please crop them to 510 x 383 pixels and include a photo credit (we like 10pt Helvetica all caps). Send us text – if you can prepare a history – to the same address, and thanks.