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  • My grandmother told many stories of her work as a silk inspector. She made friends with other women on the line. Her father was a Forman as well. I would love to know what the inside looked like.
    Jeannine Aspirinio on Wanskuck Mills
  • The Primo Art Building’s last tenant was the sculptor Michael E Smith who used it as studio space. He moved in after Pneuhaus around 2018? I worked for Mike and had a space in there for a while. J&W property management were the ones who owned it. Another one of Mike’s studio a...
    Ed Brown on Primo Art Company
  • I am the Grandson of John (Jack) McDevitt. My Mother Janet Greeley McDevitt. OF Horace Greeley lineage, is Jack’s youngest Daughter and the younger sister of the afore mentiond Sally Cunneen. I have Jack’s Original Oil painted Portrait if anyone has interest. Jack was an MIT g...
    Brophy on McDevitt Building
  • Need INFORMATION on the FIRST LADY visiting the Park after WWII? She visited either during or just after the war. She was there to recognize families whose children served in the war. Would love information on the visit. My anecdote circa 1974-1978 — Our family trip would be ...
    M. HALEY on Lincoln Amusement Park
  • Hope Cycle and Auto Supply was founded in 1903 by my Grandfather… the buildings on Charles Street were purchased around 1933 for an amount, that the state offered in the 1960’s during redevelopment, which was rejected by my father and uncle. My dad and Uncle took over the busi...
    VERNON M SAMOORIAN SR on Hope Cycle & Auto Supply
  • We were teenagers in Smithfield when this mall first opened and spent a lot of time there! The funniest thing I remember though is learning how to drive there on a Sunday (back when blue laws closed stores on Sunday’s) along with all my siblings. Later I also learned how to dr...
    Name withheld please on Lincoln Mall
  • Another website about The Milk Can https://www.facebook.com/MilkCanRI
    Roland Bouchard on Milk Can
  • Walked by it today to get a closer look after noticing yesterday that work is being done on it. Hope they are planning to keep the historic look. It looks like they are repairing the windows and bricks.
    Jill Tyler on Primo Art Company