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  • My dad Lawrence Anatole Tellier worked at Gorhams when jewelry with precious stones and metals were being made for the shah of Iran. It had to be before 1944 when my family of origin was living in D.C. Do you have any records of this name?
    Sister Marie Tellier on Gorham Manufacturing Company
  • The building that 21 east nightclub was knocked down in 1987 to build Shooters nightclub and restaurant
    Pat Cortellessa on Shooter’s Waterfront Cafe
  • I am Liz Vaughn’s older brother and the son of Richard Vaughn. I worked in the Warwick building for years, every summer sweeping floors and school holiday. I went to college and joined the Army (service to country was/is a family tradition) and when i left active duty I worked...
    Mark Kennedy Vaughn on L. Vaughn & Company
  • “Accidental”, if you will, discovery in 1992; A place ON the beach was the only requirement for a simple honeymoon stay. Oh what a jewel!! Orange velour bedspreads, a foam padded headboard, indoor/outdoor carpeting, mismatched flea market furniture, itty bitty bath towels, two...
    Anne Malone-Laraby on Ocean House
  • My grandfather was Primo. My father, Enrico, would take me there as a child. “Poppy” would give me a pail of water and a paint brush. I would brush all the beautiful statues he had on display in front of the building while my father helped him work.
    Joyce Landi on Primo Art Company
  • My 3rd grade went there on a class trip in 1956, we were given a loaf of bread and a cardboard put together bread truck. Even for a 3rd grader it was very interesting.
    Marshall Martin on Ward Baking Company
  • I had a client up on the fifth floor, FirstWorks, that I would visit once a year when we kicked off a new season. The building had a great old vibe to it, with glass transoms over the doors, an old elevator, iron railings, and a cool skylight over the stairwell.
    Highchair on Trayne Building
  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the date that the Three Stooges performed at the park? I am talking about around 1968 I believe. I believe it was around Memorial Day. My Mom and Dad brought me for my birthday. Over 50 years ago and I still remember the day. I met Moe after...
    Barry Belotti on Crescent Park