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  • dad took me there a couple of times, to see the Celtics. I remember the shabby parking lot and a Cadillac with the plate “Sam Jones”
    Paul Mandeville on Rhode Island Auditorium
  • C’mon no mention of Chess King??? I liked the fancy Papa Gino’s just off the center of the mall. It had a bar. I can’t imagine a Papa Gino’s with a bar these days.
    Mike R on Lincoln Mall
  • I was stationed at Quonset Point in 1959-1961. My rank was AE3 I worked in weight and balance area. After the aircraft was rebuilt we would weigh the aircraft. I had many friends in the civilian work staff. I never realized the base was closed until a few years ago. I look for...
    Ralph Lobdell on Quonset Point Naval Air Station
  • I would certainly look into what the Greek Orthodox community is doing to donate to this situation. I remain skeptical about what is being done by this community. Donations are so high and yet where is the money going? Sorry but I have to ask. Something really fishy is going o...
    Dora on Read-Ott House
  • Thank you so much for linking to my site! I was surprised and delighted to see you’d found it and used it as a source. I’m glad some of the harder-to-find details are now included here. We loved our time living at the mill (during which I began my research and created that sit...
    Henry David Floyd on The Pontiac Mill and Bleachery
  • I was born in 1995, so I never got to experience this park for myself. In fact right around the time I was born, a lot of the fun things to do and great stores in RI started to wind down or disappear completely. Weird how that happens. When I was a teenager we found the abando...
    Tim G on Rocky Point Park
  • So glad I found this site! Reminiscing about living in Brenton Village at 15B Jefferson from early 1958 to 1960. The entrance, with those huge anchors, and passing the guard shack. The beautiful “stone wall” bordering Hammersmith Farm, on our left on the drive up. Sneaking int...
    Sharon Gaudette Hieserich on Fort Adams State Park
  • I have been looking since 1975 for the names of Fram plant managers and executives from this time period. I know that one of the executives lives in East Greenwich but I’ve never been able to track him down using the internet. It’s “funny” how the oddest things come to mind bu...
    Paul Harris on Fram Company Headquarters