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  • My grandfather built the marquee. I’m a third generation stone mason.
    Tom Rose on Sutton Motor-In
  • I am researching a young woman from Providence who lived at 346 Blackstone Blvd with Anita and Herman Woodrow Lazarus in the 1964 Providence City Directory. The parents or grandparents of Pauline Fay Lazarus were Anita & Herman. Their company was Woodrow’s Modern Age, Inc. I h...
    Leslie Richards on Lilly Building
  • I don’t remember the Lincoln Mall from when it was a bustling mall. I wasn’t born yet, by the time I was a kid. Lincoln Mall became the place to avoid, in favor of the Emerald Square Mall. Ironic how that played out now… I don’t remember all these stores of yesteryear like Cal...
    Tim G. on Lincoln Mall
  • As someone who actually lived in this building, I’m not actually sad it’s going. This picture looks kinda nice and spooky, but the building itself is falling apart. It was built before electricity and the retrofits to make it work were awful and fall apart. It was clearly furt...
    Chris Sonntag on Rufus Waterman House, Waterman Street
  • From about 1865 to 1958 my family including my great great grandparents and all their children and spouses lived at 281, 287, 291, 279 Thayer and also 235 Meeting St. My father often spoke of family events and changes in the neighborhood. I could walk anywhere in the neighborh...
    Terrall Howard Bryan on Thayer Street, #283, 281, 279, & 279 1/2
  • Joseph Franco: Angela’s Hair Fashions was at 235 Meeting. Ben & Jerry’s was there in the early 90s before moving to 237 and then eventually to its current location on Thayer at the bus tunnel.
    Daniel Macks on Block bounded by Brook St., Meeting St., and Euclid Ave.
  • For those of us who worked there as caseworkers it was a place like none other and it was the saddest of days when it was razed. Only the fondest of memories. A unique place to have experienced
    Ann Perron on John E. Fogarty Memorial Building
  • Sad to say as an update but it looks like the demolition process of Building #19 has started a few months ago haven’t been by in a while last i saw there were construction workers and fencing all around
    Joe on Narragansett Race Track