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  • Another website about The Milk Can https://www.facebook.com/MilkCanRI
    Roland Bouchard on Milk Can
  • Walked by it today to get a closer look after noticing yesterday that work is being done on it. Hope they are planning to keep the historic look. It looks like they are repairing the windows and bricks.
    Jill Tyler on Primo Art Company
  • This restaurant had been in this location my entire life AND most of my parents life. Other than removing the pickle jars sometime in the 90s, the interior had remained the same as well. This was a 3 minute drive from my parents house so we got take out a lot. When we did eat ...
    Jeff F on Beef Barn no.1
  • My wife’s Great Uncle was Harry Davenport and was the President of Washburn Wire.
    Glen Hawthorne on Washburn Wire
  • The Wilbury Group theatre company did 3 shows at the Butcher Block space around 2013 — “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson,” “Lungs,” and then “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.” Then a pipe burst in the building, the fire department came to check it out and put a stop to us usi...
    Josh on United States Rubber Company Mill Complex
  • Just trying to find info on old lace mills in area of Esten Ave. believe great grandfather Charles (Thomas) Thompson had one
    Joan McKenna on American Textile Mill
  • My dad Lawrence Anatole Tellier worked at Gorhams when jewelry with precious stones and metals were being made for the shah of Iran. It had to be before 1944 when my family of origin was living in D.C. Do you have any records of this name?
    Sister Marie Tellier on Gorham Manufacturing Company
  • Lived on Adams Ave. then Jefferson Ave. in the mid-fifties. One of the most fun times (three years) of my life. Firemen froze over an empty lot in winter for us to skate on… tiny little PX near the point. Deep snow! Blizzards! Playing in the fort! Bats! Petting the horses at H...
    Marlane McInnis on Fort Adams State Park