216 Dean Street


In early 2011, the second floor facade of this building was removed for some sort of restoration work. That work stopped abruptly, and for more than a year now, the second floor has been left open to the elements. Who knows what this type of neglect has done to the building.

Surprise, surprise, a member of the City has confirmed that the owner is seeking a demolition permit for the building. It could encompass the entire corner block, or it could just be this building, leaving the low one story building standing, but we are not sure. At any rate, it seems shady to start a project, leave a building wide open for over a year, and then try to petition the City for demolition.

As far as we know it, this building is not on any city or national registry for historic significance. The owner is in Housing Court, however, which should keep them more honest and open to rebuilding the facade instead of tearing it down. It is a long and protracted process, though, so it is likely that the building could deteriorate too far from saving.

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