Freeway Laundry


Freeway Laundry, 135 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903
Telephone: 401.453.0000. Free WiFi available.


In late 2007, construction started peeling away the layers of facade on this little cement and stucco building. Maybe in the early 80s it looked like a parapet was placed along the top front of the building, and the windows might have been boxed in. When all of that was removed, I was delighted to see the original crenellations and details along the top of the ediface, and what looked to be original cut-outs for the windows and entrances. Unfortunately – though the building’s restoration did come out nice – none of the original details were saved, restored, or used. New details and stucco was added on top of the old, layering the structure back up and leaving the old detail for someone else to find.

The new laudromat added an addition off the back of the building, built mainly out of cinder block. The laudromat is state-of-the-art and rather comfortable looking, family owned and operatedoperated with another location in East Providence.

Couldn’t find out too much about the history of this little building, across from Rocket to Mars. Apparently, it was a luggage store called “Distinctive Case”, but I can’t tell for how long.

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