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Seven Stars’ new location on the West Side opened in 2006. A mere few weeks after I noticed something was going on, they were open. The inside is very, very nice and the coffee and pastries are just what you would expect.

As long as we’ve seen this place, it has been vacant. I’ve even heard rumors that others have tried to open something up at this location, but the former owner wasn’t interested. The new owner(s) – Armory Properties – is converting the adjacent house as well and will also be moving their offices from Westminster Street into either the adjacent house, or the house next door to that.

We did a few Google searches and couldn’t find any history of the property. We found what could be a tax sale document from 2006 with a name Jeta Realty connected this parcel. We’re not sure how to read tax sale sheets, though, so Jeta Realty might have been at this location at some point.

It is a handsome yellow-brick storefront, with tin ceilings inside and original plaster. The windows are huge and capped with ornamental wood and aluminum. If we had to guess, we would say it was designed or built in the early 40s-50s as an addition to the property behind it, a house that seems more like it was built in the 20s-30s.


None yet... please help if you can.

19harrison Aug 26 2009 This building was briefly used as the Paolino campaign headquarters in the lead up to the 2002 mayoral election.

Broadway Joe Aug 6 2008 I looked into the place a number of years ago, but they did not want to hear it, Armory must have paid a mint to get it. Let’s hope the tenant can make it up there, I can only imagine that the rent is high; very high and the neighborhood is, well, a little rough!!!

carlos I use to live next door. Jetta Realty are the scum bags that owned the funeral home (which is a part of the whole property). The place was a pharmacy before the Gattone/Tasca family let it go to pieces. Many people were interested in turning it into various things (chiropractor’s office, cigar shop, coffee shop) but Mike and Susan Tasca had other ideas – pay taxes, turn the building into an eye sore and let it go with the rest of the neighborhood.

federalhillray That used to be D’Andreas Pharmacy back in the day. I remember it had a soda fountain in it, too. They had gone out of business years ago.

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