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Mile Squared on the Burbank Construction website.
The condos from this project are brokered through John Riscia (ReMax) at


Named after the idea that Central Falls is one square mile, Mile Squared is a circa 2004 project that took about 4 years to be completed. Some units are still available for sale. The process of converting the former American Broadloom mill into 15 condominium units started in 2004. Three friends from Providence invested in the mill and started plans to convert it, setting aside some spaces as their own.

In 2006, a partial collapse of the building nearly brought the project to a halt. A portion of the mill did not have a concrete footing when the sand moved from underneath, the floors began to sag and a concrete block wall fell away. Todd J. Olbrych, the Central Fall’s director of Code Enforcement, said it was a hard problem to have noticed. Concrete footings are underneath the ground and cannot be readily seen. Ronald F. Travers, the director of zoning and code enforcement for the City of Pawtucket, agreed, saying it would have been difficult to discern the condition of the building.

The newly shored up wall (seen in photos as a section of dark gray panels) was finished in late 2006, and the rest of the construction continued. The spaces are generally large and finished enough for someone to move into. The idea was to keep costs low and let the owners make any “luxury” upgrades themselves.


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Roland Lavallee Sep 18 2009 OMG! I never thought I’d see a story about American Broadloom. When I was a kid during the 60s, I’d work my grandfather’s rubbish removal business located in Central Falls. We would take out the trash from American Broadloom and I’ll never forget those giant tables holding the rugs being sewn by the ladies. There would be cardboard barrels with the weave and these ladies would sit behind the very industrial sewing machines and spinning the rug while the edge the weave together. Oh, how I can see the movie in my mind playing that clip!

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