755 Westminster St former Herman’s Furniture & Burrows Block


The former Herman’s furniture, which was formerly a jewelry store (?), was converted to streetfront office space and residential units in 2002. They restored the orginal art deco marble, stained glass and metal inlay facade to a beautiful finish, but you can still see the ghost of the old script lettering on the facade. The white paint was stripped to reveal the brick once again, and the copper top was restored.

The Burrows Block, circa 1880 according to the facade, looks like it has always been in decent shape, or at least, they never painted it. There is some great brick detail all over the front and side of the building. The ground floor storefronts include New Urban Arts on the Westminster Street side.

The back includes a small parking lot and some small 20th century cinder block structures. Armory added a new vestibule and decking as part of the renovations to 755 Westminster. It looks like this is the main entrance for the residential units.

Looking for a history of the place and any experiences from recent tenants.

Judith Babbitt I am trying to locate a Joseph Volpe (or his family). He worked at Hermanns in 1966. Any information you would have would be appreciated. He was a friend of Barbara Perkins who worked there at the time.

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