McDevitt Building former Kinyon Building


New owners acquired the McDevitt building in 2008, and have since been planning for its redevelopment. The Farietta family own the space and plan to upgrade the mixed-use office/commercial/retail spaces for all sorts of businesses. The first spaces available are on the ground floor, and it is rumored that a new Yoga studio will be one of the first new tenants.

The previous details of the building were pretty great, we think, but as we have learned by talking to others about it, not everyone was a fan. The glossy black Art-Deco style marble on the ground floor was a detail that is rarely seen anymore, and we were sad to see it go. We were glad, however, to see the vinyl siding get removed that came in as patchwork along the facades. It is nice to see, of course, the building starting to look fresh and new again, but we are sad to see such a Miami-style stucco finish on the first floor. We know that the correct, historically-accurate renovations would be very expensive to make, and with the tax credits gone, it makes it harder on business owners to do those types of renovations. Still, we’d like to see more activity in Pawtucket, so at the end of the day, we are very positive about the developments.


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McDevitts clothing Store 1915- 1940? Nov 15 2015 I am a great grandson of William H. McDevitt who purchased the former Kinyon’s Building at 23 Broad St. In Pawtucket. According to the document I found listing possible national historic buildings in Pawtucket, his store moved into the building in 1915 and was remodeled in art deco style in 1923. My mother (Sally Simpson McDevitt Cunneen) remembered visiting the store as a girl in the 1920s and 30s and being very impressed with what a big and fancy department store it was. William H. McDevitt lived until 1940, I believe. He is listed on the wall of contributing founders in the old main building at Providence College, having given money to help create a Catholic College on RI. I believe his son William J. McDevitt took over running the store. and that his branch of the family have remained successful businesspeople in Rhode Island down til today. William H. is buried in in the McDevitt family plot, together with my grandparents (John N. McDevitt & Marguerite O’Callaghan McDevitt) in St. Francis Cemetery in Pawtucket.

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