AIR Redevelop :: Summerfield Building
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Summerfield Building


From the Providence Preservation Society’s 2004 Annual Awards
The rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the Summerfield Building (PAR Building) not only corrected deficiencies in the building’s window system, but also preserves the highly significant Albert Harkness-designed structure. Constructed in 1913, the reinforced concrete frame office building was the first of its type in Providence. The building’s broad expanses of glass exploited the possibilities of the new technology of the day. The rehabilitation project illustrates Johnson & Wales’ commitment and contribution to downtown Providence as well as their sensitivity to this city landmark. The project team included Johnson & Wales University officials; Lamborghini/Feibelman Ltd. Architects; Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc.; Creative Environment Corp.; Gaskell Associates, Ltd.; Odeh Engineers; Dimeo Construction Co.; Cheviot Corporation; and historian Vivienne Lasky.

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