American Textile Mill


This is one of the buildings owned and operated by Robert Ball, with leasing assistance from Peter at RICIR. The space has long been manufacturing, but the spaces are now primarily inhabited by artists, glassblowers, ceramicists, and musicians, as well as some small businesses.

The spaces are nice, with a lot of light, hardwoods floors, and decent general upkeep. By some of the photos, though, you can see that they are still untouched sections of the building, but that is what makes it such an interesting space. The building has a lot of quirks, and feels industrial, which, to me, makes it more appealing than a cleaned up and sterile space.

Spaces are usually available, as tenants move and larger spaces get split up. Rent is reasonable. Anyone interested should call Peter @ RICIR: 401-751-8428.


Architectually, the building is a great example, with a large tower on the south east corner featuring some ornate brickwork. Most windows have arched gabels and granite lintels. Unfortunately, most windows also have been replaced with glass block, or at tenants request, have had new vinyl windows installed. The building was home to a few large companies and businesses at one time, and slowly has been split up into smaller spaces, so a lot of odd things have been installed and then removed and then redone.

Designed by Howe, Prout & Ekman, this mill was once the largest lace mill in the country. A three-story brick pier building with 4th story penthouse featuring a 4-story elaborately detailed hip roof tower. The tower is a fine period example and can be seen from the surrounding neighborhood, including traffic on I-95. A later addition (1945 - 1950) is attached at north, concealing a sawtooth weave shed behind it.

Donna Sep 1 2009 If this if the right place; my Dad was a lace weaver there during the 1960s. My grandpa ( his Dad ) was the general manager for many years.

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