372 West Fountain Street former Combination Ladder


Not much to say, as we don’t know much. This building doesn’t show up on the PPS ISCBS survey of 2002, and it doesn’t show up in the RIHPHC’s 1980 surveys. So, we are forced to conjecture that it may have been a fire house, as the classic symetrical facade may suggest, or its proximity to the 383 West Fountain Street property, the former Combination Ladder Company, may suggest that it was the fancier office space digs for the managers of the company. (The Combination Ladder Co. purchased the 383 W. Fountain Property in 1923, and this building was built two years later according to the 1925 date stone)

Whatever it was, it is now a great looking building with nice details and ornate brickwork. Recently, we have seen scaffolding outside of the building doing some re-pointing of the bricks. No doubt, as the area changes (and 383 gets razed for a new condo complex), if this building was vacant for a short time, it won’t be vacant for much longer.

Dec 29 2018 I lived on Cargill St. I always visited the dogs almost daily on Fountain St. I have such fond memories of this place.

Kim Smith, PPS Revolving Fund Just wanted to update you on the status of this building at 372 West Fountain Street so you can update your description of the building. The PPS Revolving Fund bought this building in June, 2006, and we plan to relocate our headquarters to this building in Spring or Summer, 2007. We are about to begin construction on the building to restore it, and will be using the State Historic Tax credit. The building is the former headquarters of the RI Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA). They built this for use as their headquarters, and occupied it until 1982, when they built their current shelter in Riverside.

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