891 North Main Street former Regal Reptiles


I’ve always admired this little building from a distance and wondered what it could be used for. It is near a late night jazz club and a few doors up from German Motors on North Main. I believe the former tenant was Regal Reptiles, who moved over to the West End. Not sure what the price is, or what the deal with it is, but we’ll keep an eye on it and update this page when something comes up.


The original owner/builder was Primo Art Company, a producer of plaster and cast stone objects. Another company, Pilz, Limited moved in and shared the space from 1950 until 1970. After 1970, Primo Art moved out and Pilz became the primary occupant of the space until 1990. Pilz must have been a silver designer, because they most notably made the Kentucky Derby trophy. Public records are scarce between 1990 and 2010, but in 2011 there was a pop-up gallery in the space.

According to Matt M (below), a new company called Pneuhaus occupies the space. They create inflatable event structures and furniture.

Matt M Mar 27 2014 I am currently renting this lovely building. I just got back from the state archive where I dug up some more info. It was built in 1924/5 by or for Primo Art Co, a plaster and cast stone garden furniture/decoration company. In 1950 Pilz Ltd moved in with them and they shared the space until 1970 then Pilz had the space up until around 1990. Since then there have been no public records of the building, but in 2011 it was used as a pop up gallery. We are turning the space into a shared studio headed by our company Pneuhaus. Which make inflatable event structures and furniture. Its cool to hear that Pilz made the Kentucky derby trophy.

Michael June 25 2008 This building appears to have been purchased recently. There is a dumpster out front and construction going on inside.

Jason Duclos This bldg. used to be a silversmith company Pilz Ltd. They manufactured many different items, including the Kentucky Derby Trophy. They went out of business in the late 1980’s; & the building sat vacant for years b4 Regal Reptiles moved in.

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