Johnson Hall formerly Chestnuts


A former Swedish Workingmen’s club, this building is owned by Johnson and Wales. Previously, it was a student-run dining hall with some classroom space, but most recently, as part of J&W’s redevelopment of the area, has a ground floor Starbucks as of fall 2007 and is known as Johnson Hall.

Phyllis Oct 10 2015 I went to J&W from 1965-1967. In the fall of 1966, J&W purchased the building and opened it as Johnson Hall. It was the second building J&W would own — the first was the Plantations Club building on Abbott Park Place. The Crown Hotel would be the third — at the time I attended, they just rented the Crown Hotel for dorm space.

Donna Nov 11 2013 I was an adult student at J&W between 1989 and 1991. Chestnuts was where most of my fellow classmates went for coffee between classes.

jde Apr 8 2008 As photo 2 shows, this building was constructed as the Swedish Workingmen’s club. Chestnuts was converted to a Starbuck’s over the summer of 2007.

ABD This building is currently undergoing renovation. The ground floor will house a Starbucks and CityBurger will be next to it. It is scheduled to open November 2007.

johnvanveen its a dinning facility for j&w currently and has been. only the 1st floor is for food service (small place were they serve mainly drinks and burgers). the upper floors are classrooms. my dads the manager at Chestnuts.

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