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Q U I C K  S T A T S:
Photographed December 8, 2004

The Thayer Street shopping area, between Waterman Street (south) and Bowen Street (north)

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Looking for photos of you and your friends on Thayer Street from Back in the Day. Get in touch and send some my way, please.

The Ever Changing Face of Thayer

1) Brown Dorms, top of Thayer: Miko was once in one of these storefronts before it was an Adult store. There was also a few computer shops/Internet cafe type places. Nothing ever seemed to last up here.

2) the former Oop building: This Building was built somewhere around 1989 or 1990. It housed Oop for many years, and most recently, housed an Oop sort-of anna-be called Only in RI. Before that it was a multifamily house. Previous tenants included In Your Ear, Allston Beat, Pecks Bad Boy (which became Lunasea), a Rollerblade store owned by Nancy Kerrigan, Optical Shop, Mobee’s Music (clothing, and musical equipment), and various other short lived enterprises. Oop was there for five or six years, but left in 2006.

3) Beadworks, a candy bar (formerly Supercuts), and a bagel store (formerly Ronzios): If memory serves Beadworks was Skate-Away, then Black Wolf, which then moved to the rear of the building and became Savage Brothers

4) CVS – Formerly the Thayer Street market, a deli and butcher.

5) Urban Outfitters – this building was put up in 2000. Before Urban Outfitters was built, there was a row of small stores... street level was Taco Maker, a Thai restaurant, a nail salon, and upstairs was a clothing store called Cinderella’s Closet, a comic book place, and Tom’s Tracks was there before they moved down the block to #6,replacing an outdoors-supplies/shoe store. It burned down and remained vacant for at least a year before it was completely razed for this new building.

6) Sushi Express – which used to be Hole in the Wall, the smallest sandwich shop ever – Toms Tracks, Shades Plus, and the Army Navy store. I guess there used to be a toy store called the Merry Go-Round here too.

7) East Side Pockets and Phillips on the ground floor... a For Lease sign where In Your Ear and Lunasea used to be: Before In Your Ear and Lunasea we had a really great vintage clothing shop called Roxy Deluxe which occupied the whole upstairs. They closed around 91 or 92 and moved to Point Street before finally packing up shop entirely and moving to the west coast. I cant remember much about Phillips, but previous tenants of East Side Pockets included O-Cha which is now on Wickenden but was a fast food style setup in this location, and also East Side Weiners which sported some “up da ahm” New York System action and had a signature Race Car they would park out front.

8) Details, the Dunk, Details again, and Spike’s: Details has been there forever, Dunk and Donuts used to have a seating area up some steps in the back of the building, and Spikes was a clothing shop called Palmers that featured, among other things, The worlds biggest pair of Levis.

9) the Gap, where an International House of Pancakes used to be. The Gap tore down an older building for this one, and moved in from where Starbucks is now in photo #23. IHOP closed well 1992, and before that there was a bar called Leguna in its spot. The new tenant is City Sports of Boston

10) The Berks block – Cafe Java (RIP), Berks shoes, Wings to Go, Sovereign Bank, & Maxs Upstairs: Before Max’s it was called Montanas, on the upper left hand side we had Goldies Records and next door was a Futon shop for a while and also a Game/Toy store. Berks has been there as long as I can remember, but before Wings to Go we had a Pizza place and an Indian fast food place.

11) the Johnny Rockets building – new in 2001. The previous building last contained a vintage clothing store Appropos.

12) Kebab’n Curry: from cassandra tribe = before it was that, it was a coffee/tea house called penguins back when there was a Mickey D’s on Angel or Waterman

13) Esta’s going out of business sign

14) Andrea’s, with the