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STREETSCAPE: Westminster 2003


Q U I C K  S T A T S:
Photographed October 5, 2003

The East side of Westminister Street, Providence, between Exchange and Empire Streets

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Westminster street

Current Events

The heart of Downcity, Westminster Street (between Exchange and Empire Streets) has gone through many changes in the past few years. This is our first attempt to document it as it goes through its metamorphosis. You can see in the central portion of it, that we were able to get the recent redevelopment of the Lerner bldg, the O Gorman, and the Alice bldgs. Changes on the way will be the removal of the Dunkin Donuts and Traveller's Aid buildings across Union Street from the Alice building, Twin Brothers supply, to make way for a parking garage. More to come…

Due to the construction of the One Ten Tower, the old Providence National Bank at 120 Westminister Street and the former Buck a Book store near the arcade have been torn down. Soon a new tower will rise there.

Westminster Street is arguably the most important street in downtown's redevelopment. Almost 4 whole blocks on both sides of the street are under redevelopment into residential units under Cornish Associates, or a hotel development lead by Stanley Weiss. Most of the residential units are online, while business tenants have yet to fill all the spaces. By early 2006, Tazza, Symposium Books, the Space at Alice Gallery, a high-end show store, a high end home furnishings store, and a Design Within Reach store have made their home on Westminster, while other storefronts have yet to be filled.


Maria  So many people miss the peacock on the face of the O’Gorman Bldg — the main body is just above the center of the 2nd level, the tail zips up the middle to the top of the 6th level, where the feathers fan out above the double windows – you really should go look at this! I worked in the city for about 5 years, and weekly I’d point out the bird to people who never realized it was there.

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