Designer: George B. Boyden

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1840 to 1906 — George Boyden was a major character during the development of Riverside. Although he was best known for developing the Crescent Park and Boyden Heights amusement parks, he was by occupation a cook or caterer. The clambake was his specialty. He was the steward at the exclusive Squantum Club in Riverside for eleven years before he moved to nearby Vue de L’Eau. He later developed Crescent Park, followed by Boyden Heights, and was noted to have once made the largest and most costly clambake in the history of the Squantum Club at a reception for President Chester A. Arthur. — Bruce Remick

  • During this park’s 90-year run, it entertained millions of New Englanders as well as people from all over the world.

    Riverside | Built: 1886 | Demolition: 1979 | Decade: 1880-1889