Gano Street, #s 157, 159, & 163

also known as Holy Rosary Society, Karezz Personal Care Salon

A group of three unexciting buildings have been razed to make way for an undetermined future development

About this Property

Reason for Demolition

We are still researching this one. The demolition is very new — happening the week of January 20th. GoLocal just published a story about it on January 20th and were able to track down the owner and developer. It is confusing because there is another large residential project proposed for Gano Street further down that promises a six-story building and 83 residential units. This is not that development.

We will continue to update this post as we learn more.

Current Events

Developer and land owner Bahman Jalili has yet to submit plans for the site.


Not much official history yet. We’ve explored maps and the Assessor’s database. No historic district extends to this edge of town.

163 Gano Street, former Karezz Personal Salon. A 2-and-three-quarter story gable-roofed house with wood siding. A rectangular entrance porch off the front of the house has been walled in. The windows were placed a bit haphazard on the front and sides of the building. It appeared first on a G.M. Hopkins map from 1937 but the City Assessor says it was built in 1920 (though it is not on the 1921 Sanborn Insurance Map). The Assessor site also lists a “Percent Good” evaluation of the house at 53%. The first floor, to be sure, has been commercial for the past 20 years. We are unable to tell if the upper floors were part of the salon or were residential.

159 Gano Street, a formerly small, single-story rectangular cinder-block building with a yellow-brick clad façade. A central entrance with transom window was flanked by two storefront commercial windows that have been filled in with concrete block. A flat wooden cornice floated above the door and former windows, while the rest of the façade was flat. It was likely built around 1950, though it is possible that the footprint of this building existed earlier in some of Sanborn Maps as early as 1921. The owner was listed as the Holy Rosary Band Society.

157 Gano Street, a former 5800 sf, single story, cinder-block multi-purpose hall owned by the Holy Rosary Band Society. The building does not appear in 1962 aerial photos but it is there by 1972. It was rather non-descript with a side entrance to the north and no windows on the street-facing west façade. It has a flat roof and was painted a light gray.

The Holy Rosary Band is a community philharmonic founded in 1968. The hall was their performance space and would also get rented out to community groups for parties and gatherings. They have since moved to a building in East Providence at 328 Taunton Avenue. They were affiliated with the Holy Rosary parish off Wickenden Street and perform there often as part of their annual Santo Cristo festival.

In the News

Demolition on Gano—Is This The East Side’s Next Big Residential Real Estate Project?

by the GoLocalProv News Team | January 20, 2022 (abridged)

Is this the next big residential real estate project on Providence’s East Side?

This week, three buildings were torn down on Gano Street next to a city park — including the now-former Holy Rosary Band masonry hall and a multi-story structure that previously housed a hair salon.

By the end of this week, the existing structures at 157-163 Gano Street will be gone — and a new proposal for a residential real estate project is expected soon.

Owner and developer Bahman Jalili confirmed to GoLocal that he plans to go before the City Plan Commission in the coming weeks with his plans.

“We have some preliminary drawings,” he confirmed to GoLocal on Wednesday.

The Holy Rosary Band Society sold the 5,760-square-foot masonry building for $1 million in 2021. According to Society’s Facebook page, they are moving to a new location on Taunton Avenue in East Providence. […]

Jalili, who owns Pizza Pie-er on Wickenden Street, owns a number of developments in the city.

The location has the potential to be one of the largest upcoming real estate developments on the East Side. […]

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