Anderson Little

A former clothing store built off the north side of Sears that stayed empty for years and years before being razed in 2009.

About this Property

Reason for Demolition

In December 2009, fencing went up and the excavator arrived on the scene. Anderson Little, long neglected and basically rotting away, started to come down. An inside source told me that the demo permit was filed with the City, but that no plans had been submitted to replace the building. The nearby former bank at 1340 North Main is also slated for demolition.

Previously, this former department store had been vacant since at least 1993. (A Providence Journal photo of the Sears Department Store sign from 1993 shows “Closed” on the Anderson Little sign.) Located on North Main Street right next to 1340 N Main, the old Down Under Duckpin Bowling Alley and adjoined with the former Sears Department Store. I don’t know much about the insides of the space or about any future plans for the land. The recent demolition of the former Sears Automotive, though, says to us that the street is about to undergo a rebirth. Into what, is the question.

Current Events

This lot is now part of the parking lot of the LA Fitness gym just over the line in Pawtucket.


No formal history. The building shows up in an aerial photo from 1951-52. Previous to that it was a different building. This section of North Main Street on the Pawtucket line is difficult to find on Sanborn Maps. A Sanborn map from 1908 shows the Union Rail Road Company “Car Barn” at approximately this location.