D’Andreas Pharmacy

also known as Seven Stars Bakery, West Side

A handsome single story early 20th-century storefront tastfully converted to a local bakery and coffee shop

About this Property


Seven Stars Bakery’s new location on the West Side opened in 2007. Only a few weeks after we noticed construction going on inside, they were open. The inside is very, very nice and the coffee and pastries are just what you would expect.

We’ve seen this corner as a vacant storefront since 1999. We’ve heard rumors of other organizations/businesses trying to open something here, but as the anecdotes attest, the owners were not interested. Something changed in 2006, or the Armory Revival Company made an acceptable offer to the family that owned the two and a half story house next door. Armory Revival made the George R. Phillips house their new headquarters in late 2006 and built out the storefront space for Seven Stars soon after. Armory moved out of a subdivided triple decker on Westminster Street.

Current Events

Seven Stars runs a bakery cafe at this location in addition to locations on the East Side, Rumford, and Point Street in the Jewelry District.


No formal history. This location was listed in the Broadway Armory Historic District (1974) as a non-contributing, early 20th century structure attached to the George R. Phillips House, circa 1895. Google searches located what could be a tax sale document from 2006 with a name “Jeta Realty” connected to this parcel.


The building is a one-story, yellow brick, flat roofed commercial storefront with a tall, flat wooden cornice around the perimeter of the roofline. Brick lines vary, with a detail featuring two narrow bands of glazed yellow brick running vertically with a full size non-glazed brick in between. Windows are large, flat plate glass which rise to a ceiling well above door height. A single recessed side door opens onto Broadway while a chamfered corner main entrance is located at the street corner of Knight and Broadway. The side door could have also been the main entrance for a sub-divided unit. A large opening in the side wall was either a large plate glass window, another entrance, or a wider garage door access opening.