Decatur Lounge

A comfortable old man bar for young people during the early 2000s

About this Property

Reason for Closing

Amongst much speculation and boo-hooing, the Decatur closed it’s doors on March 28th, 2007. After a little more than five years in business, the Decatur won a spot in the heart of many a person looking for a comfortable place to hang their hat, get a beer, play some pool, and maybe pet one of the many bar dogs that would hang out with their owners.

It was a comfortable place… not a sports bar, but the games were on… not a townie bar, but many were locals… not a punk bar, but it had a hipster vibe and one helluva juke box… the Decatur was all things to a lot of people.

Owner Joanne Seddon became known as the “mother of the west side” and was a fervent supporter of local bands, local kickball, and local brew (The Decatur sold the most Narragansett beer in the state with its $2 Tuesdays, and was one of the first bars to get Narragansett Porter on tap way before the beer started being brewed in RI again).

Rather than get into the possibly sordid details of why the Decatur closed, we focus instead on the great memories a lot of people have. It was a bar without any pretension, or at least it was to many. It felt real, and it felt like something we all owned a part of. Thank you Joanne, we all hope you are well.

Current Events

Since 2008, the building is now home to another lovely bar, The Avery. More high class than the Decatur was in decoration, it is still a down-to-earth place to relax with a well-crafted drink.