East Avenue Auto

also known as Phillips 66, Jac’s Wraps, Gibby’s Repair Shop

Likely a former Phillips 66 Gas Station, this building went from tire shop to restaurant to convenience store

About this Property


While we can’t be sure until we see some photographic evidence, this is likely a great example of the mid-century “New Look” Phillips 66 Gas Station design. Though the design idea of a canopy was not new1, Phillips new “swept-wing” design was a revolution at the time.

Cliff Leppke, author of a SCA Journal article, Vanishing Points: Phillips’ Postwar “New Look” Service Stations, produced a video as part of his conference paper presentation. In it he describes the design concept this way:

Meant to catch the motorist’s eye, Phillips’ jet-age roadside architecture was part of the firm’s 1959 corporate identity makeover.2

In more recent years, the former gas station was a tire shop. We are not sure when the gas pumps were removed. It was on the market to purchase in 2001 for around $200,000. In 2005-2006 the building was purchased, cleaned up, painted and was a breakfast and lunch place with smoothies and salads called Jac’s Wraps. They had the most giant armchairs in there, and the food was pretty good bu the vibe was sort of strange. They lasted for about 5 years.

Current Events

This building is currently home to a convenience store with take away prepared food.


No formal history. Send some hints if you have them.

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright is credited with the first canopy over gas pumps design, see the R. W. Lindholm Service Station in Minnesota 

  2. Captured February 17, 2021 from https://sca-roadside.org/vanishing-points-the-video/